Attribute Locks and Caps

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Attribute Locks and Caps

Post by Tomi » Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:19 pm

I would like to see that core handles the storage of locks and caps for attributes in a similar way as the temporary and intrinsic modifiers are.

My suggestion is some new commands:

SetAttributeLock( character, attributename, lockstate )
GetAttributeLock( character,attributename ) // returns lockstate

SetAttributeCap( character, attributename, value )
GetAttributeCap( character, attributename ) // returns the cap for chosen attribute

SkillCap and StatCap somehow stored on the characters instead of just 1 hardcoded value for the whole Shard.

I know that all these are easily scriptable, but Im just suggesting this as a better way to store them than objprops or just some custom datafile.