Looking for graphic animations inside groups.

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Looking for graphic animations inside groups.

Post by Pumpkins » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:57 am

Hello guys,

Sorry if there is already a topic about it but I couldnt find out a way to see the hexadecimal of animations inside a group.

E.g. the horse. If I look for all animation a horse can do I will get a list but UOfiddler just shows me one main graphic hex for all animation and I need a specific one.. like attack2 or GetHit.

All "Graphic: xxx(0xXX) BaseGraphic: xxx" inside a group are the same.
I need to know it to be able to set the specific animation in npcdesc.cfg because atm the official distro has no animation for npcs.


Code: Select all

NPC_GetBarkSound (source) BarkSound
NPC_GetCastSpellGraphic (source) AttackCastGraphic
NPC_GetDamagedGraphic (source) DamagedGraphic
NPC_GetDamagedSound (source) DamagedSound
NPC_GetDeathSound (source) DeathSound
NPC_GetIdleGraphic (source) IdleGraphic
NPC_GetIdleSound (source) IdleSound
NPC_GetHitGraphic (source) AttackHitGraphic
NPC_GetHitSound (source) AttackHitSound
NPC_GetMissSound (source) AttackMissSound
DamagedGraphic 0xXX
AttackCastGraphic 0xXX
AttackHitGraphic 0xXX
IdleGraphic 0xXX

If I set for DamagedGraphic and for AttackHitGraphic 0xC8 it will play the same "attack 1" animation for both.

Thank you.

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Re: Looking for graphic animations inside groups.

Post by Turley » Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:26 am

You missunderstood how graphic and animations work.
There is no graphic for eg Attack2 it is an animation. You can define eg AttackAnimation in the npcdesc and the core will handle that for you.

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