Unhandled exception has occurrred...

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Unhandled exception has occurrred...

Post by Macil » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:47 am

Does anyone please have a fix for this? I can't touch any of my client files since this started happening months and months ago. Is there seriously no patch or update to fix this yet???

If there is not, does anyone know of a program that works with updated client files? Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you.


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Re: Unhandled exception has occurrred... ( WOW )

Post by Binary » Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:27 pm

OK, I waited and waited for an expert to reply, but since no one has answered, I guess the knowledge I have might help.

PLEASE KNOW.. I'm no expert... O_o
That said, I'll tell you how I dealt with the error.
First off, I think the error occurs when UO Fiddler is unable to either locate items it expects to find, or finds item it has no idea how to deal with.
I received the error every time I searched, modified, and opened an item. I got the same error, but I selected CONTINUE and not quit. This allowed me to keep the program running at least. Secondly, you'll need a way to open the UOP files since the can't be read by the current UO Fiddler. I used
LegacyMULConverter by Eos, but you can choose the program that will extract the files in a format that Fiddler can read. LegacyMULConverter will only handle artLegacyMUL.uop, gumpartLegacyMUL.uop, soundLegacyMUL.uop or mapXLegacyMUL.uop (where X is /[0-5]x?/)... Please refer to the disclaimer I wrote saying I'm no expert... I found no issue having the UOP files and the MUL files both in the UO directory, but that was me. Make sure you read the doc's on this. I was able to modify my client, without issues. I was able to modify my client with the stalagmite, the colored ground twigs, and trap patches, the spider web removal patch, trees to stumps, as well as various animation patches. I also changed the radar, and the journal patches work with out issue. Needless to say, I had TONS of reading before I was able to accomplish this, and backed up EVERYTHING Numerous times. But in the end, I have a modified client, and everything works fine. Believe me though, it was well worth it... Hope this helps, and I hope the EXPERTS comew out of the woodwork for you ... GOOD LUCK ;)

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