Having issues copying maps

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Having issues copying maps

Post by Thagoras » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:41 am

As mentioned, I'm having difficulties copying maps. I've been editing the maps with Centred...which I believe is rather anal (though possibly sloppy) with how it accesses the mul files. Until recently, I was going to be keeping the map sizes as OSI intended, but I've decided to make all the maps the same size (4096x7168) with the intent of using UltimaLive by Praxiiz http://www.runuo.com/community/threads/ ... rk.489187/...as of yet untested. Soul is eventually planning on coming up with his own package and there's also Flourescence by Spin http://orbsydia.com/forum/forumdisplay. ... uorescence who intends to support all kinds of customs.

Here's my problem. I'm not sure this is a UOFiddler issue...but some insight might help. I have a blank felucca map which I'm trying to copy Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno, and Termur onto. I tried UOFiddler 4.6, first as this has the option of copying different map sizes and generally does a good job of keeping everything intact. I get this 'read past end of file' error. After pulling my hair a bit, checking the forums (everywhere), I decided to try the wonderful 2008 Radmapcopy. A really sweet little copy program. A few tweaks you need to get used to...oh, and you have to be ok with the fact that a few of your statics will mysteriously go missing...oh, and centred won't read the files until you've 'cleaned' them up with UOFiddler...so I try using Radmapcopy...and guess what...same issue. It's not the map3.mul file, as I can copy the actual map just fine. It's the statics which have the issue.

Anything I should be looking for on these source files which might be at fault? Perhaps I don't have something installed on my computer (Dotnet, for example) which might be causing problems?

Thanks for anything you may have to contribute here!

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