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UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:28 pm
by Damien White
If anything in this tutorial needs to be updated, revised or corrected please leave feedback and I will do so ASAP.
Thanks in advance

Updated: 10/07/09

Software used:
- UO AoS clients, ( I am sure this will work on any - leave feedback if not)
- POL 98.1
- MS Calculator
- NotePad

This tutorial is designed with 2 purposes:
1. To help those who are using UO Fiddler as their main editing tool (if you don't you should).
2. To help those who are interested in adding custom equipable(armor and weapons) to their shard.
3. To prevent the need or use of the verdata.mul.

1. Explain how to inject custom sprite animations.
2. Discuss file formats (for designing your own art size, tracenparent colour, etc.).
3. Update for 7+ client files.
4. Add ridable tutorial (I can't imagine it is much harder then what you are about to do).

**** Instructions for injecting the item and gump art: ****

1. Backup your entire UO folder. Yup, you heard me. Better to be safe then sorry. And this entire tutorial assumes your are pointing UOFiddler to your original UO folder. If you want to use a work folder instead, go-for-it, however this tutorial will not support it dirrectly.
2. Open UO Fiddler and make sure the paths are set to your UO Folder. If you are not sure how to do this. Stop here and take a good long look at whether you really want to do this, because it only gets harder from here.
3. Click on the "Items" tab.
4. Right click on any item picture.
5. From the pop-up menu select 'Show Free Slots'. This may take a few moments so be patient if you have a slow machine.
6. I am not going to lecture you on how you should order your items. We all have our own style. Just look for an empty slot. This might be a good time to note, if you are using a 7.x.x.x client, with the new file set, the files have been slightly altered. Empty slots up to 0x3fff have been filled with an item picture called "unused". Many of these item really are unused, however, take a look at the titles. Some seem to have names that suggest they may be used for unknown reasons. I recommend using items that have no name or say "missing_name".
7. Right click your item tile of choice and select replace from the pop-up menu.
8. Browse to the picture you want to be put in a backpack or found on the ground.
9. Double click the picture or just click on it once and select the open button. Instantly you will see the picture appear in the tile frame.
10. Right click the picture you just injected.
11. Select from the pop-up menu 'Select in Tiledata Tab'. We will need this later during this tutorial.
12. You will no longer interact with the item, so now is a good time to right click any item picture.
13. Select save from the pop-up menu. Again this will take some time, especially on older machines. Please be patient.
14. Click on the "Gumps" tab.
15. In the sub-menu 'Misc' click on the 'Show Free Slots' option.
16. Please note all available gumps will be highlighted in RED, however their is one rule you must follow when selecting the empty gump slot. Only the items located after 0xC350 may be used. This is because the items after this or the only gump slots that can refer to equipable objects. Any object lower than 0xC350 will not give you the desired results.
17. Right click the gump picture location.
18. Click 'Replace' from the pop-up menu.
19. Browse to the picture you want to appear on the paper-doll. The gump image should appear instantly.
20. Right click on any gump picture.
21. Click on the 'Save' option in the pop-up menu.

So now we have all of our art work injected into the proper files.

**** How to update the items tiledata information: ****

1. Click on the "Tiledata" tab. The item you injected should already be at the bottom of the list of items on the left.
2. Give your items all the details you want at this point, however, in the list of properties, you must always have 'Wearable', 'Weapon' or 'Armor' and either 'Article A' or 'Article An'. So at least 3 boxes will have check marks.
3. Another very important piece of information needed is the layer which your item will be equiped. This will be entered in the 'Quality' field, which you will choose from the list below:

1 One handed weapon
2 Two handed weapon, shield, or misc.
3 Shoes
4 Pants
5 Shirt
6 Helm/Hat
7 Gloves
8 Ring
9 Unused
10 Neck
11 Hair
12 Waist (half apron)
13 Torso (inner) (chest armor)
14 Bracelet
15 Unused (backpack, but backpacks go to 21)
16 Facial Hair
17 Torso (middle) (sircoat, tunic, full apron, sash)
18 Earrings
19 Arms
20 Back (cloak)
21 Backpack
22 Torso (outer) (robe)
23 Legs (outer) (skirt/kilt)
24 Legs (inner) (leg armor)
25 Mount (horse, ostard, etc)
26 NPC Buy Restock container
27 NPC Buy no restock container
28 NPC Sell container
29 Bank Box

This might be a good time to note, when you create a custom item, that is not listed below, you need to pick one of the above layers, however the type of item that is normaly equiped in that layer will no longer be equipable. Another point of note is what I call the reality check. It kinda says something like this...On my shard I created a custom quiver. Now, the item looks as though it should replace the sash layer. However, when a piece of armor is worn, it start to look really weird, or it doesn't appear at all. So what seemed to work best, was using the cloak layer, besides, you can't really wear a cloak over a quiver and use the quiver effectively. The point is, unless you use some common sence and logic, you could really mess up your graphics.

4. Click on the sub-menu items "Save Changes". You must do this or your info will be removed when you tab back.
6. Click on the "Animations" tab.
7. Scroll to the bottom. Here you will find the category "Equipment".
8. Press the [+] to expand it.
9. You will now need to scroll through until you find the animation you would like to appear on your character sprite. This tutorial does not include injecting animations at this time.
10. Once you have decided on the animation, look at the bottom of UOFiddler. There are is a number here of interest. It is the one located after the Graphic: and before the (Hex). It is a decimal reference number to the animation you are looking at.
11. Write this number down. I use NotePad to track all my custom items and their details.
12. Click on the "Tiledata" tab. It is at this point you will be happy you saved changes the last time you were here.
13. Enter that decimal number in the "Anim" field.
14. In Notepad you need to open the file body.def located in your UO folder. The same folder that your client.exe is located.
15. At the bottom of this file you should add a header. I recommend adding "# Custom Items -Start-".
16. On the line below this you need to add 3 pieces of information:

GumpID - 50000 {Animation Decimal} Hue

Okay so how do we do this?

a. Take the GumpID number you used to inject your gump art into. Let's suggest you used 0xc353.
b. Convert that number to decimal = 50003. I used MSCal to do this, while in scientific mode.
c. Take that decimal number and subtract 50000 from it. That leaves 3. (Notice now why I said that you needed to pick a gump id number higher than 0xc350 or 50000)
d. Let's say we decided to use the animation 887.

So now we can do the following:

3 {887} 0

So that is the line that should appear below "# Custom Items -Start-".

17. Save the body.def file.

At this point, you have 1 wearable item injected in your UO files. Complete all your item injections before you process to the next step.

18. You should now copy the created files from your UOFiddler folder to your UO client folder. Make sure the client is closed before you do this.

**** Make sure POL is equiped with the new tile data: Make sure your shard is shut down before you proceed. ****

1. In your root POL folder, you need to run starthere.bat
2. Press A then Enter.
3. Press B then Enter.

Thanks to Yukiko and Tomi for input, feedback and help.

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:45 pm
by benny-
Great guide!
I just started using Fiddler and this really helped me become familiar with some of its features. I saw you had another post about implementing custom anims, but I couldnt seem to figure it out myself....any chance you could put up a tutorial about anims if you get a chance? These step by step walkthroughs are a great help for people who need things dumbed down like me. =D

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:01 am
by Damien White
Sure Benny, I'll upgrade the tutorial above and add in the animation section this weekend. Thanks for the feedback and the reminder.

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:19 pm
by HellRazor
One update - layer 9 is no longer unused, it is now used for Talismans.

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 11:43 pm
by Tomoya_oka
when i try and click on the select in TileData tab i get this. Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. if you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close Immediately

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 2:38 am
by Turley
jep that's a bug in the last release already fixed in the Svn. So If you don't want to wait compile the source.

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 9:04 am
by Tomoya_oka
can anyone tell me how to fix this bug i have UOFiddler 4.5 or withever is the one that is up on the download page right now i just not sure how to "compile the source" i am really excited to get started customizing my shard but cant till i can fix this problem

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 10:41 am
by Turley
"Select in Tiledata" is only a shortcut, simply select the tiledata tab and scroll down till you find the id you want to modify and select it

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Thu May 19, 2011 1:29 am
by Tomoya_oka
but you see it is on the Graphic that i added to fiddler that i want to edit but it isn't in the tile data tab

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Thu May 19, 2011 2:21 am
by Tomoya_oka
ok i got all that all squared away got all the way to the last part where it says to run the starthere.bat file in POL This may sound strange to you but i have no idea what POL is all i know is i am using mondains legacy for my client and RUNUO as my core. all the help here will be greatly appreciated

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 3:11 am
by Tomoya_oka
i made a custom hair it is for a female but for some reason a female cant use it only the males and i am here to tell you it looks redickulas on a male can you help me and let me know where i went wrong

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:26 am
by m309

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:31 am
by Apocalypse
VERY GOOD tutorial! I also like the guy below am running RunUO so maybe a go around would be nice. My only question now is importing a custom animation. I know i have to make around 500 new pics for a custom shield i want to put in and i know i need to follow the sequence like walk down, down left, left, up left, and up but my question has always been how do i get it to fit on my human animation? Do i have to line the animation up or do i use something like bodycon.def and it will put it where it needs to be? i await your tutorial. I have been chasing this for some time now. I have A LOT of new wearables and rideables to put in :cheesy:

Re: UOFiddler 4.2c - Tutorial - Equipable Items

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:11 pm
by Daviex

I've a problem.

When i go to insert the animation for my weapon, it get ok, but gump wrong.

But, if i insert the right anim ID, it work but anim is wrong, get anim from ML.

So, now, how can i fix this?