The latest Core builds are fresh out of the oven!

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The latest Core builds are fresh out of the oven!

Post by Yukiko » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:20 pm

Get 'em while they are piping hot!
Mmm... I love the smell of fresh baked Cores.
We have them in two flavours of Windows. That good ole x86 with its deep rich chocolaty flavour and the hearty x64 with the delightful peanut butter flavour.
There's also the wonderfully fruit flavoured Linux CentOS version courtesy of Boberski.

The Windows versions can either be downloaded as a ZIP file or as an installer version.

Our master baker Turley has added some special ingredients this time around.Just take a look at his additions to the Core for our enjoyment:

Code: Select all

09-10-2017 Turley:
  Added:   poltool uncompressgump
           unpacks and prints content of a compressed gump
           only parameter is a filename, which needs to contain a single 0xDD packetlog
  Added:   item member no_drop 1/0 r/w (itemdesc NoDrop)
           if set no drop of this item is allowed
           container/npc member no_drop_exception 1/0 r/w
           (itemdesc/npctemplate NoDropException)
           if set this container/npc is a valid target even if no_drop is set for the item
So hurry up and get yours here before they're all gone.

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