Missing docu - door entry Opengraphic

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Missing docu - door entry Opengraphic

Post by OWHorus » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:49 pm


just saw, that the new entry (from 11-09-2011, not brand new :-) ) is not documented in POL docu (CFg-Files/itemdesc/door).

It is documented in core-changes.txt. What is unclear: Is the entry only needed in the closed variants of every door, or in the opened variants too?

Example: wooden door 0x6a5 (north/ne closed) and 0x6a6 (north/no opened) - do we need Opengraphic 0x6a6 in both itemdesc entries, or only in the closed variant?



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Re: Missing docu - door entry Opengraphic

Post by Tomi » Wed May 31, 2017 6:57 am

Sorry for late response but Ive not been reading these forums for some time now.

The OpenGraphic only need to be added to "closed door" objectype entry in itemdescs ( I doubt you are planning to add open doors in your world, they are all closed to begin with )

Just made sure by looking at the change I made that time and in the code where Core checks if the doors is open is something like if ( graphic == open_graphic )

The door objtype is never changed so it reads from the closed variant.

I hope this answer is what you needed

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