First 099 beta coming soon to a download near you (I hope)

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First 099 beta coming soon to a download near you (I hope)

Post by MuadDib » Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:51 pm

... Will require a lot of dedication from our users. Lots of changes, tons of new features.... Hoping we can roll the next 098 out soon, along with 099. Some special stuff there. Compressed Gumps, a bit more Slot support for containers, House Walkon Scripts, binary file reading, party should be 100% now, Virtual Realms (only limit is memory you have)... and Turley is playing with activating above 2gb memory for POL builds (compiling with /LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag for those who want to look up the benefits).

This is probably gonna be the largest changelog for a first beta release. So expect to have lots of fun, hehe. Nando is swamped with school, so 099 moving slower than 098 did but we ARE making progress. A lot of 099 too will be reorganizing the source code over time also. Won't affect releases though except adding a little time between them.

Probably before initial beta the full Open Source news release will be posted, as it is coming fast for you guys. All left is MadManATW writing up the license for it. Right now we have the Terms Of Use Agreement which is already in affect, and stipulates current, and future revised licenses. thanks to that, Grin has already written the Compressed Gump Support, Crazyman even done a small addon (although he is not finished, he needs to submit for the PID deletion :P ). Tomi is working hard on adding 2D SA support (up to objtype 0x7FFF in the client!!!!) and also adding encryption support for all clients (So no more razor, UOCH, etc used to decrypt clients).

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Re: First 099 beta coming soon to a download near you (I hope)

Post by Yukiko » Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:47 am

Truly good news Maud. I think if we keep hammering on the Distro we just might have a complete package for 0.99 release. That would be very nice.

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