POL 096 Vestal Virgin - Changes

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POL 096 Vestal Virgin - Changes

Post by Shinigami » Tue Jun 13, 2006 12:10 am

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06-05 Shinigami
        Added : little bit more logging why Clients get disconnected on Logon by Core

06-01 MuadDib
        Hint : The pol.cfg setting "LogLevel" can be used to debug issues at startup of
               POL and various other places (unloadall for example). By setting this 
               higher than 1, up to 11 (just sounds good), it will force printing of
               better information to help you find out problems during Loading and such.
               Setting it for example, above 0, core will start spitting out "Checkpoint"
               data during startup to say what it is about to load/process. Such as the
               configuration, load realms, load multis, etc etc.
05-31 MuadDib
        Fixed : Issue resolved with standard spellbook and no AOS+ Expansion enabled.
        Hint : Recognized scroll objects now are: Magic: 0x1F2D - 0x1F6C, Necro 
               0x2260 - 0x226F, Paladin: 0x2270 - 0x227C, Bushido: 0x238D - 0x2392,
               Ninjitsu: 0x23A1 - 0x23A8, SpellWeaving: 0x2D51 - 0x2D60.
               Remember, this IS hardcoded! >:)
               For Bushido and Ninjitsu, there was never any scrolls made. So your
               items for those are the Icons for the moves. Try setting their graphic
               to a scroll and using it ;)
05-30 Shinigami
        Hint : UOConvert will convert Mondain's Legacy extended Britannia Map.
               Just set width to 7168 (e.g.):
                 uoconvert map realm=britannia mapid=0 usedif=0 width=7168 height=4096
                 uoconvert statics realm=britannia
                 uoconvert maptile realm=britannia
        Updated : uoconvert.txt (some comments and Mondain's Legacy hint)
        Fixed : Bug with detection of Gump-Cancel in uo::SendCharacterRaceChanger()
        Fixed : ShowRoofAndPlatformWarning has shown everything
        Fixed : smaller mistype in Log created via TextCMD .startlog/stoplog
        Fixed : set correct Time stamp in TextCMD .startlog/stoplog

05-30 MuadDib
        Added : Guild and Quest buttons added to the "known" list of subcommands in core.
                Should fix some crashes when recieving these. Especially when using hooks
                on packet 0xD7 (their parent packet ID).
05-29 MuadDib
        Added : Added "SpellType" entries for "Bushido", "Ninjitsu", & "SpellWeaving" for
                spellbook types in itemdesc.cfg. The list of spellids for
                spells.cfg is now as follows: Magery = 1+, Necro = 101+,
                Paladin = 201+, Bushido = 401+, Ninjitsu = 501+, SpellWeaving = 601+.
                Hopefully this more completes our addition of the other
                expansions for 096 where we lack in other areas.
05-27 MuadDib
        Update : Just FYI, as previously reported, SingleCombat does NOT use servspecopt.cfg
                 but rather combat.cfg. Sorry about the typo when it was introduced.

05-26 MuadDib
        Fixed : Crash on checking targetted players when target is not logged in.
        Fixed : ItemColorMask is now read properly during itemdesc load and during
                POL startup.

05-26 Shinigami
        Fixed : Crash on call of scripts/misc/dblclickother if another script is running.
        Fixed : removed an additional check for UOConvert's option ShowRoofAndPlatformWarning

05-24 Shinigami
        Added : uo::SendCharacterRaceChanger( character ) - to change Hair, Beard and Color

05-23 Shinigami
        Fixed : Crash inside Packet Hooks with SubCommands and without default Handler.

05-20 MuadDib
      Removed : Requiring, and support, for armrdesc.cfg. Armor within this file is to be
                moved to the itemdesc.cfg as intended. File has been obsolete for a while

05-19 MuadDib : 
      Removed : Requirement for wepndesc.cfg in the /config folder. Any shards still
                using this obsolete file can use the itemdesc.cfg files for the weapons as
                intended. Core will no longer require this file to load either.

05-16 Shinigami
        Updated : Account.set_uo_expansion(string): recognized values: ML, SE, AOS, LBR, T2A (default), "".
                    This determines what flag is sent with packet 0xB9 during login (Nothing -> 0x0000 /
                      T2A -> 0x0001 / LBR -> 0x0002 / AOS -> 0x801b / SE -> 0x805b / ML -> 0x80db).
                    It's possible to hook 0xB9 but don't forget to set_uo_expansion anyway because core
                    uses this for internal flags (e.g. AoS Tooltips). Packet 0xB9 will be sent earlier
                    (before you choose a character) and after you've used set_uo_expansion.
        Updated : servspecopt.cfg property: UOFeatureEnable, used in the last dword of the 0xA9 login packet,
                  will block Bit 6 (support up to 6 Chars). To enable AoS stuff set Bit 5 (use 0x20),
                  to enable SE stuff set Bit 7 & 5 (use 0xa0) and to enable ML stuff set Bit 8, 7 & 5 (use 0x1a0).
        Added : mobile.race [r/w] - set/get the ML race (new constants in UO.EM: RACE_HUMAN, RACE_ELF)
                You have to set visual graphic by yourself if you change value.
                  (Human male/female = 0x190/0x191 / Elf male/female = 0x25d/0x25e)
                You can choose Race at Char creation if your UOExpansion and UOFeature settings fit.
                  WARNING: Don't forget to update your server side config/tiles.cfg using
                           UOConvert and Mondain's Legacy tiledata.mul! (Hint: "uoconvert tiles")
                Race Prop is available inside Interactive Debugger too.

05-13 MuadDib
        Added : Targeting will now also check the NoCombat zone for targeted players also,
                and not just who is doing the targeting.
05-10 MuadDib
        Fixed : Targeting should now check to make sure a mobile is visible to the targeter
                before processing. This checks hidden and concealment both.
05-10 Shinigami
        Fixed : small bug inside uo::ListMobilesNearLocationEx()

05-07 Shinigami
        Added : flag VENDOR_SEND_AOS_TOOLTIP in
                  uo::SendBuyWindow( character, container, vendor, items, flags := 0 )
                  uo::SendSellWindow( character, vendor, i1, i2, i3, flags := 0 )
                to send Item Description using AoS Tooltips in any case (this will correct problems
                with Item Descriptions in newer Clients, but maybe freeze ancient Clients...).

05-04 Austin
        Added : LISTEX_FLAG_CONCEALED support for ListMobilesNearLocationEX()

04-11 MuadDib
        Change: Starting Gold will no longer be newbied (blessed). Can still be set newbied if you choose in
                the create scripts for new characters.
04-09 Shinigami
        Added : uoconvert.cfg element option added, TileOptions, in the following form:
                    ShowRoofAndPlatformWarning 1
                it's a flag and defaults to 1 (shows a Warning if you use both Flags in same Tile).

04-05 MuadDib
        Changed: Added combat.cfg flag SingleCombat. This is a 0/1 flag for allowing players to attack
                 themselves. 0 will disable it (default). Per request.
        Fixed: Crash involving invalid serial data sent with Target Cursor from client.
        Fixed: Bug blocking non-harmful targeting of Players in NoCombat zones.
        Fixed: Optimized NoCombat Target check.
03-19 MuadDib
        Fixed: Will now correctly send AOS Tooltips if features are combined with 0x20 in the
               UOFeatureEnable setting in servspecopt.cfg file.
03-18 MuadDib
        Added: Servspecopt.cfg entry StartingGold=#. This will default to 100 gold. However, it can be
               used to override the core's initial starting gold amount to this setting. Enjoy.

03-15 MuadDib
        Fixed: Attack Request will be automatically denied if Defender.serial == Attacker.serial.
        Changed: Packet Logs (using .startlog and .stoplog) format has changed. It has been updated
                 for easier reading and to match Packet Loggers format more (Such as UOLog and
                 Spy UO).
03-07 MuadDib
        Added: New Justice/Region config entry for Regions. NoCombat is a 0/1 Flag to set
               a region to be a No Combat region. No Combat regions will not allow the 
               Clicking of a mobile to select as a new opponent if they are in this region.
               It will also reset opponent data for mob if one enters this region. This is
               a PvP specific addon. It does NOT check for npcs, this will have to be done
               via packethooks.
               When Entering a NoCombat region, while already in combat, if YOU are the
               attacker, it will reset your fight. If you are the one being attacked, it
               will reset the fight with the first "opponent" you have listed.

03-06 MuadDib
        Changed: Regen after being damaged delay was changed from 10 seconds to 2 seconds.
        Changed: Regen delay after changing warmode was changed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

03-03 MuadDib
        Changed: Optimized handling of mobile.connected in core.
03-02 MuadDib
        Fixed: Handling of 0x22 Move Resync with "Player Noto" handling to send
                 correct information.
03-01 MuadDib
        Changed: Handling of item's decayat property when moved.
        Fixed: Stack checking for decayat handling when moving items.
        Fixed: Newly created characters will now have the connected member set
01-18 Shinigami
        Changed : Prop script_process.attached_to will return NPC if it's his AI-Script.
                  (script_process comes from NPC.process or uo::GetProcess(pid))

01-09 MuadDib
        Changed: Added check for No Decay timer on items when resetting decay time.
        Fixed: AOS Tooltips will now correctly show the Reputation of mobiles. In order
               to see Invul correctly, InvulTag MUST be set to 2 due to the Reputation
               color being handled fully client-side (No way around this).

12-10 MuadDib
        Changed: Various changes involving item dropping and creation and setting of
                 decayat properties to help with instant decay.
        Fixed: Secure Trade Window now correctly updates client when items added. As a
               side effect, also fixes a small problem involving adding items to normal
               containers also when using tooltips.
        Note: For now, since Tooltips is an AOS feature, do NOT leave tooltips disabled
              and use UOExpansion set to AOS or this WILL cause client problems. The client
              was never designed for this to happen, and I do plan on putting in failsafes
              in the core to keep these problems from happening. Bear with me on this please.
12-09 MuadDib
        Changed: Repsys coloring for Invulnerable names will only occur when InvulTag is
                 set to 2. Will follow OSI standards more, and allow more flexibility to
                 shard admins per request.
        Fixed: ItemGiven Event will now return items if the script handler does nothing
               with the item.
        Fixed: Items will now move correctly across realms or to same realm again with
        Fixed: Crash bug when deleting items after using MoveObjectToRealm().
        Added: New read-only member .uclang for players. Reports the Unicode Language string
               client sends during logon. Usefull for Unicode support based on language of
               individual clients/characters.

12-06 Shinigami
        Fixed : z<0 bug inside uo::MoveCharacterToLocation() and uo::MoveObjectToLocation()

12-05 MuadDib
        Added : Decay timer reset when Item is picked up/dragged by client (only on success).
                Should *help* with instant decay problems when dropping items
        Added : InvulTag=0/1/2 in ServSpecOpt.cfg. 0 Disables invul tags totally. 1 (default)
                keeps them as they are now, giving [Invul] tag when single clicked. 2 will
                work only on 3.x+ clients, and makes the mob's highlight color Yellow with
                no [Invul] tag when single clicked. Only recommend using 2 if your shard
                requires a 3.x or higher client!
        Added : Invulnerable entry in RepSys.cfg for coloring name of invuls.

11-29 MuadDib
        Added : Packet 0x9 will no longer cause POL to treat client as active.
        Fixed : Change to Secure trade window handling. Be sure to test thouroughly with all
                versions of clients and report back to pol-core-test with results. Hoping this
                helps with client issues reported.

11-29 Shinigami
        Fixed : uo::SplitWords() will now accept each type of to-split-value as same as in the past

11-26 MuadDib
        Fixed : Fixed Attack Denied method for client expectations.
        Fixed : Logon issues involving map visibility on >2 mapid.
        Fixed : Issues with weather and seasons on logon.

11-26 Austin
        Added : Support for bit shifting integers using << and >>

11-26 Shinigami
        Fixed : Compiler will work case insensitive now.
        Added : New Mounts to uoconvert.cfg
        Added : uoconvert.cfg to Linux Files
        Fixed : illegal Attack Requests (Packet 0x05) will not crash Pol

11-25 Shinigami
        Changed : Packet 0xBF Subcommand 0x24 will no longer cause POL to treat client as active.

11-25 MuadDib
        Fixed : AttackRequest now checks for distance < 20, realm, hidden, concealed higher, and dead characters.
        Fixed : Visibility checks now check for same realm.
        Added : Packet 0xBF Subcommand 0x24 no longer reports in unknown packets. Packet will still cause
                POL to treat client as active.

11-24 Austin
        Added : basic::Bin() - Convert 25 to 11001

11-23 Austin
        Fixed : account.Get_Member(member name) now works.
        Fixed : .Get_Member(member name) for script objects now works.
11-23 MuadDib
        Added : Added second optional param to SplitWords() function. Second param now defaults to space.
                Allows use of "bleh" "+" "," "_," "." etc. as the delimiter instead of just whitespace.
        Added : New combat.cfg setting "WarModeDelay". Setting is in Integer for Seconds delay between
                ability to toggle war mode status via client. Does not affect using SetWarMode method.

11-20 Austin
        Fixed : Attempt # 2 with *InBox() coordinate checks. 
        Fixed : Region scripts (EnterScript / LeaveScript) no longer need an 
                EnterText and LeaveText to work.
11-15 Austin
        Added : using "::regions/" in a config path will allow a config file from pol/regions/ to be read.
                Example ReadConfigFile("::regions/justice");
        Added : regions.cfg / justice.cfg support for EnterScript and LeaveScript.
                Scripts will be run when a player enters or leaves the region.
                Parameters passed to it are the mobile that entered/left and the region name.
                Please note these scripts run critical.
                Regions.cfg Example:
                Region Britain
                    Range      1416 1500 1740 1790
                    Guarded    1
                    EnterText  You have entered britain
                    LeaveText  You have left britain
                    Midi       9
                    EnterScript   :coords:enterScript
                    LeaveScript   :coords:leaveScript
                Example of enterScript.ecl
                use uo;
                program EnterRegionZone(mobile, region_name)
                     ApplyRawDamage(mobile, 10000);
                     SendSysMessage(mobile, "You just died because you entered an area that makes you dead!");
                     return 1;

11-14 Austin
        Fixed : uo::*InBox(x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2) functions will check the boundaries of the coordinates.
                If they are too low or too high, they will be adjusted to fit within the realm.
        Fixed : Using the .realm property on an intrinsic weapon caused a core crash.
        Added : weapon.intrinsic
11-10 Austin
        Fixed : Items moved to invalid locations will now go to the player's feet on the 
                correct realm and not just to britannia.
11-03 Austin
        Added : uo::CoordinateDistance(x1, y1, x2, y2) - Returns the distance between two coordinates.
        The following two functions were originally scripted by Myrathi:
        Added : uo::GetCoordsInLine(x1, y1, x2, y2) - Returns an array of structs {.x, .y} for every coordinate
                between the two points.
        Added : uo::GetFacing(from_x, from_y, to_x, to_y) - Returns the facing number an object must have in order to 
                face to_x and to_y from from_x and from_y.
10-31 Austin
        Fixed : Core crash with MoveCharacterToLocation() when a character was moved to the same realm.

10-30 Austin
        Changed : NPC.connected will now always return 1. Before it was 0.

10-29 Austin
        Added : polsys::GetCmdLevelName(number) - Will get a command level's name.
        Added : polsys::GetCmdLevelNumber(name) - Will get the numeric value of a command level.
        Added : polsys::GetPackageByName(name) - Will return a package reference.
        Added : account.SetDefaultCmdLevel(number) - Will set the account's default command level.
        Added : account.defaultcmdlevel - Will return a number for the accounts default command level.
        Changed : If npc.ar is used and the NPC has no armor equipped, it will give its intrinsic armor value
                  (NPCDESC.CFG AR entry). If it has armor equipped, it will work as it did before.
        Changed : Added some error checking and reporting when "(something in array)" is used in a script.
                  Hopefully this will fix the rare "in" crash or at the least, make it a little easier to find.

10-17 Austin
        Added : Added uo::MoveObjectToLocation( object, x, y, z, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM, flags := MOVEOBJECT_NORMAL );
                Function will replace MoveCharacterToLocation(), MoveItemToLocation(), and MoveObjectToRealm()
                Currently moves boats, mobiles, and items.

10-16 Shinigami
        Changed : added x- and y-Offset to uo::SendDialogGump( who, layout, textlines, x := 0, y := 0 );
                  (don't forget to recompile all your Scripts using new uo.em)

10-13 Shinigami
        Added : Linux: Core will check libc version and print Warning if libc is to old (< 2.3.2)

10-07 Austin
	Added : scripts/misc/dblclickother - Runs when a player double clicks another player or npc.
                Will not run if the npc has the double click event enabled.
                Program arguments are (who, mobile_clicked)
        Added : servspecopt.cfg - 'DoubleClickWait'. (Default is 0)
                Time in seconds that must pass before a player can double click something again.
        Added : mobile.GetCorpse() - Returns an item reference to the most recent corpse made.
10-03 Austin
        Added : corpse.ownerserial - Returns the serial of the npc / player that died.
10-02 Shinigami
        Added : Prop script_process.attached_to and script_process.controller.
                (script_process comes from NPC.process or uo::GetProcess(pid))

09-30 Shinigami
        Fixed : added Player Check to uo::SendStatus (crashed on NPCs)

09-25 Shinigami
        Fixed : eCompile - FileCheck for multiple include of same File
                e.g.: inside scripts\textcmd\test\textcmd.src:
                  Include "../../../pkg/std/housing/include/test";
                  Include ":housing:test";
                  Include ":housing:include/test";
                will be handled as same file now

09-23 Shinigami
        Added : uo::SendStatus( character ) - to send full Status Packet to support Extensions
                like Resistances, if you add'em via Packet Hook. Use SendStatus to update'em.

09-17 Shinigami
        Fixed : Crash if Name of Items or Mobiles was to long and you've clicked'em

09-16 Shinigami
        Added : pol.log will show last running Script and it's Program Counter
                (you can use eCompile LST-file (Switch: -l) to get the Source Line)
        Added : Linux: pol.log will show Backtrace (as same as STDERR)

09-15 Austin
        Added : mobile.connected - To determine if the character is actively connected to the game.
                Is set to 1 before logon/reconnect scripts are run and 0 right before logofftest is run.

09-14 Shinigami
        Added : vitals.cfg element option "RegenWhileDead" added (0/1 - defaults to 0)

09-13 Austin
        Fixed : When a player dies, it will send SYSEVENT_DISENGAGED to the opponent-npc, if one is set.

09-12 Shinigami
        Added : some Packet functions, same as original one, but with flipping Byte Order
                Packet.GetInt16Flipped(offset, value)
                Packet.GetInt32Flipped(offset, value)
                Packet.SetInt16Flipped(offset, value)
                Packet.SetInt32Flipped(offset, value)

09-11 Austin
	Added : Member for mobiles ".opponent". Returns a mobile reference if a combat opponent is selected.

09-10 Shinigami
        Added : math::Root - returns y Root of x (same as Pow(x,1.0/y))

09-08 Shinigami
        Changed : eCompile - BASIC style for loops (for i:= start to end) will warn again on -v5 (and above)
                  about the iteration variable being unused

09-08 Austin
	Added : polsys::Packages() now has a .npcdesc member. Will be 1 if the package has an npcdesc.cfg file.

09-07 Folko
        Changed: eCompile - BASIC style for loops (for i:= start to end) will no longer complain about the iteration variable being unused
        Changed: Fixed some endianess issues and improved the conversion performance

09-03 Shinigami
        Changed : uo::FindPath will redefine Param mobilesblock as flags (FP_IGNORE_*)
        Added   : uo::FindPath can ignore Doors (FP_IGNORE_DOORS)

09-03 Austin
        Fixed : cfgfile::GetConfigStringArray() lines that contain a property name but no value will not be placed in the array.
        Added : cfgfile::GetConfigStringDictionary( element, property_name ). Works similarly to
                GetConfigStringArray() but will take the first word on the line and use it for the key.
                Elem ElemName
                       PropLine keyname this will be the text placed in it

09-02 Shinigami
        Fixed : uo::Attach allowed you to attach more than one Script to a Character

08-29 Shinigami
        Changed : UseAAnTileFlags in SERVSPECOPT(.LOCAL).CFG renamed to UseTileFlagPrefix (check 03-05)
                  (compatibility with const TILEDATA_FLAG_* inside uo.em)
        Changed : player.spyonclient2 renamed to player.clientinfo (check 01-24)

08-29 Folko
        Added   : Support for custom MIME types in config/www.cfg. This allows you to
                  add new file types that the web server can handle, for example PNG images,
                  PDF files or favicon.ico. If you don't supply a www.cfg, old defaults are used.
        Hint    : Here's an example www.cfg:

                MIME gif
                    Extension gif
                    MIME image/gif

                MIME jpg
                    Extension jpg
                    MIME image/jpeg

                MIME jpeg
                    Extension jpeg
                    MIME image/jpeg

08-28 Austin
	Added : Ability to initialize error as you would a struct.
		Example return error{"errortext" := "This is the error message"};
	Added : Extended NPC.EM Say() function to allow for two additional parameters.
		Say( text, text_type:=SAY_TEXTTYPE_DEFAULT, do_event:=SAY_DOEVENT_DISABLE );
                Text type is a string "default", "yell", "whisper", constants are:
		If do_event is enabled with SAY_DOEVENT_ENABLE, it will send a speech event to nearby npcs.

08-26 Austin
	Fixed : LEFTAREA event was not being sent to npcs in the old realm when a mobile was moved to a new realm.
08-25 Austin
	Fixed : LEFTAREA event was not being sent if a mobile was teleported 33 tiles or more away.

08-23 Austin
        Added : Logging out will now send a LEFTAREA event (after logout.ecl has finished).
        Added : New flag for servspecopt.cfg called "EventVisibilityCoreChecks" set to 0 (disabled) by default.
                Enabled - the core does visibility checks before sending events as it did before.
                Disabled - requires your scripts do visibility checking. 

08-22 Shinigami
        Fixed : sometimes the Core crashed while destroying Items (e.g. via Control Scripts) on Boats

07-28 Shinigami
        Changed : eCompile - Assignment inside Condition Check will produce Warning on -v5 (and above) only

07-26 Shinigami
        Changed : TextCMDs can be specified in Packages; just make a commands/gm (new style) or
                  textcmd/gm (old style) etc directory. These are only scanned at startup,
                  so if the directory doesn't exist then, it won't be searched until restart.
        Changed : Support for packaged Includes - if you use 'Include ":blah:blubb";'
                  eCompile will search for ":blah:blubb.inc" and ":blah:include/blubb.inc".
                  It will use first file found. If both files exist eCompile will print a Warning.

07-25 Shinigami
        Added : MinDamage and MaxDamage in weapon.GetItemDescriptor() calculated from Damage-Dice
        Changed : usable Msg size of SendDialogGump doubled - now you can use larger Gumps

07-16 Shinigami
        Fixed : uoconvert will ignore illegal statics with graphic >= 0x4000
        Added : uoconvert.cfg element option extended by ShowIllegalGraphicWarning
                    MaxStaticsPerBlock        1000
                    WarningStaticsPerBlock    1000
                    ShowIllegalGraphicWarning 1
                it's a flag and defaults to 1 (for the other entries go to 07-05)

07-07 Shinigami
        Hint : uo::ListItems*Location, uo::ListMobile*Location and uo::ListStatics*Location
               will check for out-of-range coords now
               uo::ListObjectsInBox, uo::ListMultisInBox and uo::ListStaticsInBox
               will NOT check for out-of-range coords - a lot of scripter "love" this bug :o/

07-06 Shinigami
        Fixed : u'll get the correct string representation even if a numeric Config File
                Value will cause an overflow

07-05 Shinigami
        Added : Warning if no tiles or landtiles are loaded (maybe files missing...)
        Added : uoconvert.cfg element option added, StaticOptions, in the following form:
                    MaxStaticsPerBlock     1000
                    WarningStaticsPerBlock 1000
                max. Amount of Static Items per Block of 8x8x256 (or Warning Level)
                it is hard limited to 10000. default is 1000.

07-04 Shinigami
        Changed : uo::ListStaticItemsAtLocation to uo::ListStaticsAtLocation( x, y, z, flags, realm )
                  uo::ListStaticItemsNearLocation to uo::ListStaticsNearLocation( x, y, z, range, flags, realm )
                  IGNORE_* constants to ITEMS_IGNORE_* constants
        Added : Parameter Z in uo::ListStatics*Location
        Added : LIST_IGNORE_Z constant u can use for Z Parameter to list all Items ignoring Z-Value
                in uo::ListStatics*Location, uo::ListItems*Location and uo::ListMobilesNearLocation*
        Added : uo::ListStaticsInBox( x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2, flags, realm );
                creates an array of structures with Static and Multi Items in box.
                you can specify via flags which Items you want to get. check ITEMS_IGNORE_* constants.
        Added : realm-based coord check inside List*InBox and uo::ListMobilesNearLocation*

07-01 Shinigami
        Fixed : low-fragmentation Heap is linked dynamically, so Core will work on Win9x/NT again
        ReAdded: uo::GetAttributeIntrinsicMod( character, attrname )
                 You set intrinsic Mod via exported GetIntrinsicModFunction in attributes.cfg
        Fixed : Memory leak inside cfgfile::Read-/UnloadConfigFile(...)
                cfgfile::AppendConfigFile(...) will call cfgfile::UnloadConfigFile(...) immediately

06-15 Shinigami
        Added : npc::CanMove( direction ) - checks if an NPC can move in given direction
                (IsLegalMove works in a different way and is used for bounding boxes only)
        Added : UseWinLFH=0|1 in SERVSPECOPT(.LOCAL).CFG (default = 0)
                Use Windows XP/2003 low-fragmentation Heap?

06-06 Shinigami
        Fixed : FindPath will work again @ Linux-Core without crashing server in some cases.

06-01 Shinigami
        Fixed : Cancel of TradeWin will put items in correct Realm on ground if backpack full
        Added : movecost.cfg can have 'Walking_Mounted' and 'Running_Mounted' sections too.
                You've to declare one global 'MovementCost' section or 2 sections 'Walking' and
                'Running'. If you don't declare Mounted sections, Core will use unmounted values.
        Added : uo::Attach( character ) - attach a Script to a Character
        Fixed : moving intrinsic Weapon via MoveItemToLocation crashed Server
                WARNING: You should never touch intrinsic Weapons!
        Added : uo::ListStaticItemsAtLocation( x, y, flags, realm )
        Added : uo::ListStaticItemsNearLocation( x, y, range, flags, realm )
                creates an array of structures with Static and Multi Items at or around location.
                you can specify via flags which Items you want to get. check IGNORE_* constants.
                [Edit: changed... please check 07-04 above]
        Added : uo::GetStandingLayers( x, y, flags, realm )
                get an array of standing layers and blocking solids. check MAPDATA_FLAG_* constants.

05-31 Shinigami
        Added : flag LOG_DATETIME in file::LogToFile( filename, line, flags := 0 )
                to log Core-Style DateTimeStr in front of log entry
05-28 Shinigami
        Added : flag ENUMERATE_IGNORE_LOCKED in uo::EnumerateItemsInContainer( container, flags := 0 )
                to list content of locked container too
        Added : uo::SecureTradeWin( character, character2 ) - to init secure trade via script over long distances
        Added : uo::MoveItemToSecureTradeWin( item, character ) - to move item to secure trade window via script

05-25 Shinigami
        Added : Account.delete() - delete this empty account
        Added : Account.split( newacctname : string, index : 1..5 )
                create a new account and move character to it
        Added : Account.move_char( destacctname : string, index : 1..5 )
                move character from this account to destination account.
                you can use it to flip chars on same account too - it's not a bug, it's a feature ;oP

04-04 Shinigami
        Added : player.createdat - returns the PolClock when the character was created
        Added : Before character deletion, scripts/misc/candelete.ecl will be called.
                  program definition is:
                    - program can_delete( who, deleteby ); // return nonzero to allow deletion
                  new constants in UO.EM:
                    - DELETE_BY_PLAYER : Delete-Request by Player
                    - DELETE_BY_SCRIPT : Delete-Request by account.DeleteCharacter( index )
                Before character deletion, scripts/misc/ondelete.ecl and anypkg/ondelete.ecl will be called.
                  Their return values are ignored.
        Fixed : Call OnDelete script in account.DeleteCharacter( index ) too.
        Updated : Account.set_uo_expansion(string): recognized values: SE, AOS, LBR, T2A (default), "".
                    This determines what flag is sent with packet 0xB9 during login
                      (Nothing -> 0x0000 / T2A -> 0x0001 / LBR -> 0x0002 / AOS -> 0x801b / SE -> 0x805b).
                    It's possible to hook 0xB9 but don't forget to set_uo_expansion anyway because core
                    uses this for internal flags (e.g. AoS Tooltips). Packet 0xB9 will be sent earlier
                    (before you choose a character) and after you've used set_uo_expansion.
        Updated : servspecopt.cfg property: UOFeatureEnable, used in the last dword of the 0xA9 login packet,
                  will block Bit 6 (support up to 6 Chars).
                  To enable AoS stuff set Bit 5 (use 0x20), to enable SE stuff set Bit 7 & 5 (use 0xa0). 

04-02 Shinigami
        Added : Additional realm-support
                  CreateItemCopyAtLocation(x, y, z, item, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM);
                  boat.move_offline_mobiles(int x, int y, int z[, string realm]);
                    (If realm is not set, Boat-realm is used.)
        Added : Some realm-constants to uo.em

03-09 Shinigami
        Added : WeaponTemplate Prop Delay [ms]
        Added : NPCDesc Prop AttackDelay [ms]
        Added : character.delay_mod [+-ms] for WeaponDelay
                If (Delay!=0) use Delay(+delay_mod) to calculate next weapon swing.

03-05 Shinigami
        Added : UseTileFlagPrefix=0|1 in SERVSPECOPT(.LOCAL).CFG (default = 1)
                Should Core prepend "a"/"an" according to tiles.cfg flags to formatted item names?
                (p.s.: in 08-29 renamed from UseAAnTileFlags to UseTileFlagPrefix)
        Fixed : Last but not least, remove Spell Delay usage from core.

03-03 Madman
        Fixed : My previous attempt to remove spellcasting from the core was incomplete. It should no
                  longer run a skillcheck before starting the spell script.

03-02 Shinigami
        Fixed : MoveObjectToRealm will handle any type of items (equipment etc.) and container with content too.
        Fixed : You can move item from container to different realm without crash.

03-01 Shinigami
        Fixed : Pol will support up to 5 Maps now (Britannia, Britannia_alt, Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno)

02-23 Shinigami
        Added : DecayItems=0|1 in SERVSPECOPT(.LOCAL).CFG (default = 1)
                Disable (e.g. World Design Server) or enable (Live Shard Server) item decay.

02-14 Shinigami
        Fixed : AOS Spellbook entries in itemdesc.cfg will not crash linux build anymore.
        Fixed : Wrong handling of double clicking AoS style Spellbooks.

01-27 Shinigami
        Fixed : UOConvert will convert Samurai Empire Map Tokuno.
                Don't forget to use tiledata.mul shipped with SE.
                Don't forget to build new tiles.cfg and landtiles.cfg too.
                If not, your Tokuno Realm works and maybe looks funny ;o)
        Fixed : Small bug within UOConvert and Tiledata names with full length.

01-24 Shinigami
        Added : player.clientinfo -- returns a struct with a lot of usefull infomation about client PC
                Example :

                Function TestClientInfo(who)
                  Var info:=who.clientinfo;

                  If (info.unknown1) // in most/all cases 0x02
                    SysLog("ClientInfo '"+who.name+"' ["+who.acctname+"]");
                    SysLog("  Unknown1                 = "+Lower(Hex(info.unknown1)));
                    SysLog("  Unique Instance ID of UO = "+Lower(Hex(info.instance)));
                    SysLog("  OS Version               = "+info.os_major+"."+info.os_minor+"."+info.os_revision);
                    SysLog("  CPU Manufacturer         = "+info.cpu_manufacturer);
                    SysLog("  CPU Family               = "+info.cpu_family);
                    SysLog("  CPU Model                = "+info.cpu_model);
                    SysLog("  CPU Clock Speed          = "+info.cpu_clockspeed+" MHz");
                    SysLog("  CPU Quantity             = "+info.cpu_quantity);
                    SysLog("  Memory                   = "+info.memory+" MB");
                    SysLog("  Screen Resolution        = "+info.screen_width+" x "+info.screen_height+" x "+info.screen_depth+" Bit");
                    SysLog("  Direct X Version         = "+info.directx_major+"."+info.directx_minor);
                    SysLog("  Video Card Description   = "+CChrZ(info.video_description));
                    SysLog("  Video Card Vendor ID     = "+info.video_vendor);
                    SysLog("  Video Card Device ID     = "+info.video_device);
                    SysLog("  Video Card Memory        = "+info.video_memory+" MB");
                    SysLog("  Distribution             = "+info.distribution);
                    SysLog("  Clients Running          = "+info.clients_running);
                    SysLog("  Clients Installed        = "+info.clients_installed);
                    SysLog("  Partial Insstalled       = "+info.partial_installed);
                    SysLog("  Language Code            = "+CChrZ(info.langcode));
                    SysLog("  Unknown2                 = "+info.unknown2);
                    SysLog("No ClientInfo '"+who.name+"' ["+who.acctname+"]");

                Limitations :
                  The client doesn't send this Packet every time,
                    if available you can use it first time in your misc/logon.src.
                  If your login server differs from play/shard server it doesn't work
                    (Packet will be send before you choose the server only).
                  This will work for Win release only, until now. Win and Linux core
                    handle server-choose- and play-connection in a different way.
                    Not sure why, must be something with OS-Socks implementation :o(

                Comment :
                  Seems to be very usefull to detect shadow accounts...
                  You love 1984? OSI too ;oP

                (p.s.: in 08-29 renamed from player.spyonclient2 to player.clientinfo)

01-24 Shinigami
        Linux : If you'll get something like this using Gentoo Release:

                  pol: ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c:72: _dl_next_tls_modid:
                    Assertion `result <= _dl_tls_max_dtv_idx' failed.

                try following to run your Pol:

                  export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4

09-18 Birdy
        Fixed : Moved login complete packet send higher in login process to try to fix
                problems with logging into a weather region with weather where it would
                start to rain spell icons instead of rain or snow.

08-03 Birdy
        Added : AcctMatch lines in server entries in servers.cfg.  Example of format
                is below.  AcctMatch lines have one account name per line, and are
                those accounts to show the given server to on login to the
                'login server'(the server that is in the client's login.cfg).
                Example :

                    Name      Test
                    Port      5003
                    AcctMatch admin
                    AcctMatch staff

                The above would only display that particular server(Test, located at
       to someone logging into the login server with
                accounts admin or staff.

                IPMatch still works as well, and for an account to see the server it
                must fulfill both IPMatch and AcctMatch entries, if those exist to
                match up against.

08-03 Birdy
        Fixed : Good Aligned NPCs that attack innocents and go criminal will
                highlight grey now.
                Attacking criminal flagged Good NPCs will no longer flag others as

08-01 Birdy
        Fixed : Crash bug related to realm not being set in createitemincontainer soon
                enough for references to it in create scripts.

07-27 Birdy
        Added : New system event : SYSEVENT_GONE_CRIMINAL := 0x2000;
                You should add this to your sysevent.inc file or wherever you keep your
                system event constants.  This event is closely associated with the
                SYSEVENT_ENTERED_AREA event.  It uses the current range setting for
                the ENTERED_AREA event as it's own range, and this is for good reason.
                The GONE_CRIMINAL event lets the system tell the NPC when a mobile has
                become a criminal(from a previously non-criminal state) by firing this
                event and placing a character reference to the new criminal in the
                source field of the event. If used in conjunction with the ENTERED_AREA
                system event, then guards should be able to do their guarding work
                without needing to do polling scans of the area around them periodically.
                On ENTERED_AREA events, you check to see if the person entering the area
                is a criminal or not.  On GONE_CRIMINAL events, you know that the person
                who was already in the area has become a criminal from previously being

                This event will only fire if the criminal is visible to the NPC.  Though
                again, if you are using it in conjunction with the ENTERED_AREA event, then
                when the criminal comes out of hiding, an ENTERED_AREA event will be fired
                and you can handle the criminal there.

                This event will also only fire on transitions from innocent status to
                criminal status.  No events will fire on transition to innocent status
                again, and if the subject was already a criminal to begin with, then
                doing a criminal act again will not fire the event.  This is to keep the
                system from being overloaded with events since every hit on an innocent
                is a new criminal act.

                I will stress one last time, use this WITH the SYSEVENT_ENTERED_AREA
                system event, NOT on it's own!  Or you will be confused and bewildered.
                You have been warned!

07-18 Madman Across the Water
        Changed: Casting from the default spellbook:
               * It no longer checks if you are dead, says the words of power,
                 performs the animations, checks for free hands, performs a
                 skill check, or checks for or consumes mana or reagents. All
                 these things must now be handled in scripts. This, combined
                 with Myrathi's changes on 5-12, wherein spellid is now passed
                 to the cast spell, should allow greater flexibility and also
                 simplicity in spell systems and scripts.

06-17 Birdy
        Changed: Uncommented RandomFloat(...) in util.em to allow it to be used.

06-13 Birdy
        Fixed: Items dragged across realms and dropped will update properly.  This
               is necessary to allow storage containers to be able to have their items
               dragged out of them and dropped on the ground directly, even if the
               ground is not the default realm that storage containers are all in.
        Fixed: All worn items will now have their realm updated on character realm
               transfer instead of just the backpack.

06-09 Myrathi
        Removed: Deprecated UO.EM functions:
               * Damage()
               * GameStat()

06-08 Myrathi
        Fixed: CASE statements given a significant overhaul:
               * Error messages now correctly refer to them as a "CASE statement",
                 not a "SWITCH statement".
               * They now *require* their test-expression to be within parenthesis.
               * Empty CASE statements with no option clauses are now caught as
               * A warning message will be displayed if the only thing defined is
                 a "default:" clause (i.e. no option clauses)
               * Missing option values are now caught and less cryptic error messages
                 shown (e.g. when using undefined constants)

06-06 Myrathi
        Added: New 'dowhile' keyword (to solve the "do/while()/endwhile/while()"
               bug). "do..dowhile()" now follows the more usual block syntax
               style (if..endif, while..endwhile, etc.).
               Syntax is as follows:

                   dowhile ( <expression-is-true> );

06-05 Birdy
        Added: ItemColorMask ServerSpecOpt option.  This option defaults to the
               typical POL mask of 0xFFF.  It is a bitmask of what colors should
               be considered valid.  For example, with an ItemColorMask of
               0xFFF, any color from 0 to 4095 is considered a valid color.
               With an ItemColorMask of 0xFF, this would be reduced to a range
               from 0 to 255.  It was left a mask instead of given as a range
               in order to allow specifying certain bits to be on.  So, for
               instance, with the newer clients, a mask of 0x4FFF will allow
               the third bit (value 4) of the most significant nibble to
               be turned on, but no others in that nibble.  This allows for
               newer clients to use the "transparent animation" feature, which
               allows equipped mounts to be transparent(ie, ethereals).  Bear
               in mind, older clients may well crash if you set colors to be
               outside of the non-default mask of 0xFFF, so this is strictly at
               your own risk to use it.  But for those of you wishing ethereal
               beetles and other mount animations to be ethereal, you will have
               to set the mount piece to be color 0x4001 and then equip it.
               And in order to do that, you will need an ItemColorMask of

06-03 Birdy
        Removed: GetAttributeIntrinsicMod(...) function interface in uo.em was
                 removed, since no Set for the function has existed since way
                 back in POL094 test cores and no plans to impliment a set
                 exist.  This will require a search of your scripts for this
                 function and removal of it(some distro code has it) and
                 a recompile of those scripts.

05-24 Birdy
        Fixed: FindSubstance should now (hopefully) auto-release items reserved by
               it on script termination.
        Fixed: Packet.SendAreaPacket(x,y,range,realm) now looks for 4 parameters
               as it should instead of 3.

05-17 Birdy
        Changed: concealed property is no longer compared to cmdlevel by core.  Any
                 scripts changing concealed should do validation against cmdlevel
                 itself.  Doing this now allows NPCs and others to be able to be
                 concealed at higher levels than their cmdlevel.  For this added
                 flexibility, all validation must now be done within scripts!

05-16 Myrathi
    Removed deprecated operators and tokens (as promised! :P'):
        - '=' has been removed; use '==' to test for equality.
          (appropriate suggestions will be made for '==' or ':=')
        - 'local', 'global' and 'dim' have been removed; use 'var' to declare variables.
        - 'begin' and 'end' have been removed:
			do..while() loops now work without them.
			repeat..until() loops never actually needed them: so no loss. :)

        ** Scripts containing any of the removed operators or tokens **
        **     WILL NOT COMPILE ANY MORE!! Update your scripts!!     **

05-12 Myrathi
	Fixed: Mobile 'mob.frozen' flag is now saved properly (NOTE: this includes PCs and
		will most likely require any existing scripted workarounds to be rewritten!)

	Added: Extra 'spell_id' parameter is now passed to spell scripts which relates to
		'SPELLID' in the spell's entry in '::spells.cfg'.

			use uo;
			program spellscript( who, spell_id )
				SendSysMessage(who, "Casting SPELLID# " + CStr(spell_id));
				// "Clumsy" has spell_id = 1, "Create Food" = 2, etc..

05-01 Birdy
	Fixed: Number of Map/Static patches was reversed in the enable difs packet.

05-01 Racalac
    Fixed CProps "GivenBy", "GivenTo", and "GivenTime" set on items dropped on NPCs.

04-26 Birdy
    Added: New uo.em function created :
        FindSubstance( container, objtype, amount, makeinuse := 0 )
        This function will search the given container for items of objtype in an
        amount equal or greater than the amount given(stackables can return greater
        than #), if makeinuse is set to 1, then the items will be reserved.  If
        sufficient # of items have been found, those found(and possibly reserved)
        will be returned in an array as the return value.  If not enough of the
        given item were found, then an error with errortext = "Not enough of that
        substance in container" will be returned.

04-25 Racalac
    Added new house methods that allow write access to the house.components array.
        house.add_component(item ref)
        house.erase_component(item ref)
    Added multi member:
            returns a struct with "xmin", "xmax", "ymin", "ymax" of the world coordinates
            the house or boat occupies.
    Added GetMultiDimensions(graphic), returns struct with "xmin", "xmax", "ymin", "ymax"
        of _relative_ distances from center. xmin and ymin are _negative_.
    Changed TargetMultiPlacement. new optional parameters:
        TargetMultiPlacement( character, objtype, flags := 0, xoffset := 0, yoffset := 0 );
        xoffset and yoffset change the "ghost" target house. NOTE: the coordinates returned
        by this are the coordinates of the "target" cursor, not the center of the house!
        So if you want to have the front steps be under the cursor, you must transform the
        parameters to CreateMultiAtLocation to include your xoffset and yoffset. ANOTHER
        NOTE: positive offsets move the cursor left/down in relation to the ghost house.
        When transforming the coordinates for CreateMultiAtLocation, use the negative (i.e
        if yoffset is 4, subtract 4 from the y coordinate result of TargetMultiPlacement
        when passing the location to CreateMultiAtLocation.
        Example, using the front steps to target:
            var dims := GetMultiDimensions( 0x6071 );
            if(!dims) return; endif
            var loc := TargetMultiPlacement( who, 0x6071, 0, 0, dims.ymax );
            if(!loc) return; endif
            var house := CreateMultiAtLocation( loc.x, loc.y - dims.ymax, loc.z, 0x6071, 0, who.realm );

04-24 Racalac
    Armor Zone 0 errors hae a better message now.
    Half-created PCs shouldn't get into the world file now.
    Added house.custom() returns 1/0 (for upcoming custom house support)
    NPC move functions check the current realm's bounds
    CreateItemAtLocation correctly checks passed coordinates for validity for the realm
    Map methods (insertpin, etc) check the current realm's bounds. Not like there's art for
        the other realms anyway.
    Packet 0x1B changed to include correct map/server bounds

04-23 Birdy
	Changed: Mounts listed in uoconvert.cfg that are not found to have tiledata.mul
		entries will now be created regardless.  Should fix problems related to
		0x3ea2 mount(perhaps others too), which has no tiledata.mul entry, yet
		is a valid mount graphic.

04-20 Birdy
	Fixed: FindPath(...) should work again now.

04-17 Birdy
	Changed: Speech.mul -- Added in support for UTF-8 -> Unicode decoding in speech.mul
		packets.  Should work now (hopefully) for all languages.
	Fixed: Minor tweaks to movement.  Should fix some bounceback problems.

04-17 Racalac
	Multimap/Realm Support
	POL now supports seperate maps, or "Realms", such as britannia, ilshenar,
	and malas. The uoconvert tool is the starting point for using realms on
	your shard. Run the updated instructions in the included uoconvert.txt
	help file. The names of the directories created in pol/realms by uoconvert
	are the realm names that are used by the core and your scripts. I
	recommend you keep them the same as what is in the uoconvert.txt file.
	Realm names are the key to using realms on your shard.

	The client's *.dif files should be used in the uoconvert process, as the
	client needs to know how many patches exist. Any time the .dif files
	change on the client side, re-run uoconvert with the new .dif files to
	stay in sync.

	Object Changes:
	UObject.realm: Read-only string. (This inherits to Item, Character, Multi, etc)

	Account.uo_expansion: Read-only string
	Account.set_uo_expansion(string): recognized values: AOS, LBR, T2A (default)
	  This determines what flag is sent with packet 0xB9 during login. The
	  servspecopt.cfg UOFeatureEnable is used with packet 0xA9 and is currently
	  global to all clients.

	Packet.SendAreaPacket(x,y,range,realm), realm name string parameter added.

	Escript Module Changes:
		Added "Realms()": returns a dictionary of structs. example:
			"realm_name" -> "width"

	uo.em (included with zip):
	The following functions were enhanced with a realm parameter (all realm
	parameters are a case-sensative string name of the realm). All other
	functions use some object's context for determining the realm.

	Tip for upgrading: all your scripts should works normall _in Britannia_.
	In any other realm they will fail. You must find all occurances of these
	functions on your shard and fill in the realm parameter with an appropriate
	value. For example, in the createnpc textcommand, the call to
	CreateNPCAtLocation should be made with 'who.realm' as the last parameter.
	Many script changes are easy like this, others are harder, like
	spawnregion and recall/gate spells. If something doesn't work, you can be
	fairly sure it's due to an incorrect realm parameter. The pol-distro
	sourceforge project has been updated with many of these changes if you
	wish to look.

	const _DEFAULT_REALM := "britannia";
	CreateItemAtLocation( x, y, z, objtype, amount := 1, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	CreateMultiAtLocation( x, y, z, objtype, flags := 0, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	CreateNpcFromTemplate( template, x, y, z, override_properties := 0, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM);
	FindPath( x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM, mobilesblock := 0, searchskirt := 5 );
	GetHarvestDifficulty( resource, x, y, tiletype, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	GetMapInfo( x, y, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	GetRegionString( resource, x, y, propertyname, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	GetStandingHeight( x, y, startz, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	GetWorldHeight( x, y, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	HarvestResource( resource, x, y, b, n, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM ); // returns b*a where 0 <= a <= n
	ListGhostsNearLocation( x, y, z, range, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListItemsAtLocation( x, y, z, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListItemsNearLocation( x, y, z, range, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListItemsNearLocationOfType( x,y,z, range, objtype, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListItemsNearLocationWithFlag( x,y,z, range, flags, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListMobilesNearLocation( x, y, z, range, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListMobilesNearLocationEx( x,y,z, range, flags, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListObjectsInBox( x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	ListMultisInBox( x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	PlayMovingEffectXYZ( srcx, srcy, srcz, dstx, dsty, dstz, effect, speed, loop := 0, explode := 0, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );
	PlayStationaryEffect( x, y, z, effect, speed, loop := 0, explode := 0, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM );

	Functions added:
	MoveObjectToRealm( object, realm, x, y, z, flags := 0 );
		--This is the only write interface to an object's realm. If you wish
		an object to reside on another realm, this is the only function
		available. Check obj.realm != destination_realm to avoid unnecessary
		same-realm transfers. flags is the normal MoveItem|CharacterToLocation
		flags. The passed x,y,z must be a standable location in the specified

	Most of these functions will return the errors "Realm not found" and
	    "Invalid Coordinates for realm".

	Added "Realm realmname" property

	added a 5th parameter for the 'mapdump' command, a realm name string as above

	number of map and static patches (from mapdif and stadif files) saved to
	Recommend to turn on mapdifs for all realms.

	Other Changes:
	AOS Spellbook packets are supported. For this, change you spellbook's
	itemdesc.cfg type from Container to Spellbook. Paladin and Necromancer
	spellbooks are supported by the new Spellbook itemdesc type property
	"SpellType" which is one of these strings: "Magic", "Paladin", "Necro".

	Recognized scroll objects are: Magic: 0x1F2D - 0x1F6C, Necro 0x2260 - 0x226F,
	    Paladin: 0x2270 - 0x227C. Sorry this is hardcoded :P

	Simple support for AOS tooltips - old single click functionality is supported.

	Custom Houses - not yet sorry, that's next!
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Post by Shinigami » Tue Jun 13, 2006 12:12 am

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04-01 Birdy
	Added: 	MaxPathFindRange servspecopt[.local].cfg option added.  This will define the
			maximum distance between the start and destination points which pathfinding
			will be performed on.  If PathFind is called on points greater than this
			value, an error result will be returned with "Beyond Max Range." as the
			errortext.  Default value for this is 50.
	Added:	HiddenTurnsCount servspecopt[.local].cfg option added.  This will define
			whether or not turns made while hidden will count as a "move".  It defaults
			to 1, which is the way POL has always operated.  If set to zero, then if
			you are hidden and make a turn, it will not count against your stealth steps,
			nor will it unhide you if you are not stealthing.  If set to one, turns while
			hidden do count against stealthsteps, and will unhide you if you are not
	Added:  New uo.em function added, UseItem(item, character);  This will allow the
			item specified's use script to be run by the character specified.  No checks
			are done for distance, or check for being a ghost, or anything else.
			Essentially, the script is just fired off on the character without checks, so
			the script calling this function should do those checks if desired.  This
			function can also be called with NPC's as the character, but any use script
			that requires interactivity with it's user that is called on an NPC may have
			unpredictable results(dependant on the script).
	Added:  UOConvert now will report the (x,y,z) of invalid tiles that cause it to
			abort map conversion instead of just aborting.

03-29 Birdy
	Fixed: Caves should now be able to be walked into.  Some problems along shores fixed too.
			Run UOconvert on your files for this fix to work.

03-24 Birdy
	Changed: Character height in all other aspects changed to 15 from 9 to better reflect height in
			 game relative to items.
	Changed: Walking related to ladders modified to try to help in their traversal.
	Changed: The map now should block LOS.  Run UOconvert on all your files again! (see uoconvert.txt
			 for instructions)
	Fixed: Speech.mul should now display speech with keywords even when on a non-ENU region computer.
	Changed: Boats now check height of blockables in relation to the boat before being
			 blocked by them.  This should allow boats to travel under sufficiently high
			 bridges and over statics that may be under the map.
	Added: Pathfinding function FindPath.  This is a very experimental function and has a minute
			chance of returning a "Path Corrupted" error.  If you use it and can find a distinct
			path from point A to point B which generates a "Path Corrupted" error, please send
			details to the dev team.

			Function prototype is found in uo.em and takes the form :

			FindPath( x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, realm := _DEFAULT_REALM, mobilesblock := 0, searchskirt := 5 );

			(x1,y1,z1) = start of the path
			(x2,y2,z2) = destination
			mobilesblock = Whether or not to consider mobiles in the way as 'blocking' the path.
			searchskirt = The skirt around the square that is formed around the start of the path
						  to the destination which represents the searchable area.

			If it finds a path it will return an array of coordinates, representing each step
			along the path from the next step to take from the start of the path to the actual
			destination.  The coordinates are found in .x, .y, and .z.  Ex :

			myPath := FindPath(startx, starty, startz, endx, endy, endz);

			The first step to take from a standing position at (startx,starty,startz) would be
			at (myPath[1].x, myPath[1].y, myPath[1].z), the next at (myPath[2].x, myPath[2].y,
			myPath[2].z), etc.

			Keep in mind that if you want you can give as large a search area as you want, and
			it will try to find the area.  But the larger the search area(ie, the larger the
			distance from start to destination), the more memory and more time it will take to
			find a path.  Trying to search, for instance, for a path from Yew to Britain will
			almost certainly freeze your shard and gobble up all it's memory.  No restrictions
			were placed in core in order to allow for use of the function with future computers
			which may indeed one day be able to search for such a path in a split second.  But
			that leaves the responsibility on the scripter using the function to be certain to
			not try to search for outrageously large paths.  My experience is that paths of
			20 or less tiles are fairly quick and low impact on the server.

			Several errors can be returned instead, with the following errortext messages :

			"Failed to find a path."  --  The typical error returned when a path hasn't been found.
			"Out of memory."          --  This will only happen if there isn't sufficient memory to perform the search.
			"Solution Corrupted!"     --  This is an error that rarely seems to happen, but if you can get it to
										  happen repeatedly along a static(non-changing) specific path, please
										  report it to birdy@polserver.com
			"Pathfind Error."         --  A catch-all error for various other circumstances, assume no path could be found.

03-04 Birdy
	Changed: Character look height changed to 15 from 9 to better reflect height in game relative
			to items.
	Added: uoconvert.cfg element option added, LOSOptions, in the following form:
					UseNoShoot        1
					LOSThroughWindows 1
			UseNoShoot means uoconvert will determine whether or not something blocks LOS by use of
			the NoShoot tiledata flag instead of the Blocking tiledata flag.  A couple of special
			cases exist for secret door items and blocking items that are walls(in both cases, LOS
			will be hindered), but otherwise the NoShoot tiledata flag will be used.  This should
			make many blocking, yet not really LOS blocking items no longer block sight, such as
			candelabras, lamp posts, and such.
			LOSThroughWindows only matters if UseNoShoot is 1.  If LOSThroughWindows is 1, then
			items marked as windows in tiledata will not impede LOS.
			Both of these options default to false.  When UseNoShoot is false, the old method of
			determining sight blocking as being equivalent to ability to pass will be used for LOS.
	Added: uoconvert.cfg element option added, Mounts, in the following form:
					Tiles  0x3ea0 0x3ea1 0x3ea2 0x3ea3 0x3ea4 0x3ea5 0x3ea6 0x3ea8 0x3ea9 0x3eb0 0x3eb2 0x3eb3 0x3e9f
			If this element exists, and if Tiles exist within it, then those tiles with the graphic IDs
			listed will be considered to be mounts by uoconvert and will set the layer to be the
			mount layer and it will set the tile to be equippable.

	Added: New System Hook : SpeechMul -- This hook will be activated when someone using a client with speech.mul
			in it says a speech.mul keyword(one or more).  The person who spoke is passed as the first parameter
			and an array containing each of the speech tokens they spoke is passed as the second parameter.
			This is a very experimental hook, so use at your own risk!  Though I would like to know if it works,
			particularly on non-english systems.  For ENU players/admins, whether you have a hook or not, these
			changes should make it such that you no longer "lose text" that has speech.mul tokens in it.

			If you wish to write a syshook script for speech.mul tokens, you will need a syshook.cfg file with
			the following in it.  This should be in a package of some sort too of course.

				SystemHookScript speechmulhook.ecl
					SpeechMul SpeechMul

			The following is an example of a very simple hook called speechmulhook.src.  It is, of course, up to
			you to make something actually useful. :

				use uo;

				program SpeechMulHook()
				    return 1; //change to 1 to enable the hook

				exported function SpeechMul(who, speechtokens) //note passed ARRAY of speech.mul tokens

				    Print("Tokens : ");
				    foreach token in speechtokens


12-27 Racalac
    Fixed invisible corpse clothing
    Fixed boat member access
    Fixed (maybe) first non-nodraw tile in multi definition flagged as static by uoconvert
    Changed core visibility function - characters now can always see themselves. Fix for
        equipping items while hidden not showing until unhiding.

12-06 Racalac
    Fixed: Invisible items in containers caused random items to become temporarily invisible
    Fixed: default doubleclick range for items without an itemdesc entry wasn't reading from servspecopt.cfg

11-16 Racalac
    Fixed: member access to account and script objects (and any dicts/structs with the same key names)
        Recompile your scripts! Keep testing, find my errors! :)
    Changed: logged-off players are now considered not visible for any/all systems that check visibility.

11-15 Racalac
    poltool: prints flag descriptions
    Fixed: height 1 "half-height" tiles no longer considered height 0.
    Fixed: crash by passing 0 to SystemFindBoatBySerial
    Fixed: account object method fall-through. d'oh!

11-10 Racalac
    Fixed member access to datastore, script, and guild objects. Keep testing!
    Changed: equipment.container returns an "offline" character reference when equipped.

11-09 Racalac
    Changed: invisible items in containers can't be seen by those without the seeinvisitems priv
    Major Changes: New ecompile version! Changed the way object methods and members are set and get.
        This should give a moderate to major speed enhancement to script execution. Please report
        any weirdness you encounter with respect to setting and getting object (and struct/dict)
        members, calling object methods, and methodscripts (that may or may not override core-defined
        Temporary new ecompile/ecompile.cfg option: specifiy the -m command-line paramter to compile
            using the old way, or set "OptimizeObjectMembers" in ecompile.cfg to 0 (1 by default).
            This option will go away when I'm satisfied this new code works.

11-01 Racalac (not in 11-01 test core)
    Fixed: water statics above walkable map no longer blocks movement below
    Fixed: second equipped item in a layer no longer stored as "gotten" (fixes crash on save?)

10-31 Racalac
    Items with no defined itemdesc.cfg entry (walls, floors, etc) will use the
        servspecopt.cfg values for decay time and dblclickrange.
    Added character.cleargottenitem(). Returns "dragged" item to original
        location. There's an graphical glitch with the client that makes it
        look like the item is duplicated. The item that appears to remain on
        the cursor is not really there.
    uoconvert: changed map structure to allow building dynamic items and walking
        around on them. RECONVERT YOUR MAP!
    Allowed movement in places like T2A with dramatic Z changes in the map.
    Fixed: certain script parameters were being flagged wrongly as out-of-range
    Fixed: (maybe) If a layer is already equipped, trying to equip another item
        on that layer will return the item to its original location (3D client thing).
    Added Npcdesc.cfg property: AttackAnimation (default 0 (wrestling)), use this
         change the template's intrinsic weapon animation (i.e. for LBR npcs)

10-25 Racalac
	Added uoconvert.cfg for defining what multi IDs are what type (Boat, House, Stairs (AOS)). See included file for 'normal' values.
	Added for Packet Hooks: SubCommandLength property for 'parent' packets: 1, 2, or 4 byte lengths for subcommand fields.
		Packet 0x12 //Macro/Spell/Action
			Length variable
			SubCommandOffset 3
			SubCommandLength 1 //unlike cmd BF, the subcommand is 1 byte, not 2
		SubPacket 0x12
			SubCommandID 0xC7 //bow or salute
			ReceiveFunction command_12:HandleC7Action

09-27 Racalac
    Fixed improper cleanup of accounts and player characters on exit, leftovers.txt should be reduced in size now.
    Maybe fixed a memory leak in the packet hook system.

09-08 Racalac
    Fixed a crash condition concerning multis and movement.
    Added error messages if missing realm files.

    uoconvert: handles a specific poorly formed staidx block

09-06 Racalac
    uotool reads pol.cfg from the same dir to find the MUL files.
    uotool & poltool usage statements updated
    Example to fix mounts, add en entry like this in tiles.cfg for each of your mount types (i.e. listed in tamed.src)
    Remember running "uoconvert tiles" will not save your manual changes.
    tile 0x3ea2
        Desc mount
        UoFlags 0x04404000
        Layer 25
        Height 3
        Weight 0
        Equippable 1
        Movable 1
    Changed UOConvert handling of blocking flags, probably fixing NPCs walking through fences, etc. Please re-run UOconvert.
    Syz changed uoconvert to be more friendly to tool-created map and statics MULs.

08-21 Racalac
    Turned off core sends of Packet oxB9 (UO expansion enable) for now, it will return!
    Fixed bug with CreatePacket with specified cmdtype with fixed-length.

08-20 Racalac
    Fixed a bug in multis walking code introduced in the 08-19 testcore.

08-16 Syzygy
    The 'Summon Water Elemental' spell must now be in the spellbook to be cast.

08-14 Syzygy
    Fixed a LOS issue when doubleclicking an item stored in an NPC's backpack

08-13 Syzygy
    corrected an error where a client could be redirected to the wrong server if servers.cfg specified 'IPMatch' directives.
    corrected an error which would not allow a mob to drop an item to a lower Z.
    at death, those added to your "reportable" list will no longer be marked aggressor to you.
    at death, those added to your "reportable" list will no longer be marked as having lawfully damaged you.
      (this is imperfect - all your aggressors, and lawful damagers, should be cleared at your death)

08-09 Syzygy
    pol.exe no longer uses .mul files.  See uoconvert.txt for notes (you will use uoconvert to generate pol data files)
      notable changes:
         a door will only be ignored if its itemdesc entry says it's a door
           (previously, used the tiledata.mul "door" flag to tell)
      I do not recommend editing multis.cfg, tiles.cfg, or landtiles.cfg by hand - as uoconvert is young, it's likely
      that you'll have to regenerate these files from the .mul files soon.

08-05 Syzygy
    Removed 'UseDynamicMapCache' pol.cfg option and related code

07-27 Syzygy
    CreateNpcFromTemplate will now accept a struct, or an array (with element names), specifying custom properties

07-26 Racalac
    Fixed creating armor items with GetItemDescriptor
    Added: Packet Hook Scripts. See packethooks.txt. Don't try to hook AOS packets or I'll cry.

06-20 Syzygy
    account.GetCharacter(index) will notice if you pass 0, which is bad.
        account.DeleteCharacter(index) - same

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