criminal trobule

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criminal trobule

Post by Prometeo » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:56 am

i have some trobule working on reputation system, my problem regard character.criminal, the r/o flag that say if player is criminal (gray)
apparentrly the server don't keep the criminal status on player that log out

for that reason, i think scripter on my shard was writed code like that (it's an example)

in logoff.src

Code: Select all

 if (who.criminal)
  SetObjProperty(who, PROPNAME_TEMP_GREY, 1);
in logon.src

Code: Select all

 if (GetObjProperty(char, PROPNAME_TEMP_GREY))
  EraseObjProperty(char, PROPNAME_TEMP_GREY);
if player log off and wait the leave time of the character all work fine, the prop is set and on log on, player is turn in criminal status

problem: if player log off and re-log immediately, log off script don't start and start reconnect script, but if i read criminal status (char.criminal), in reconnect script, i find always value 0 and can't tell if before that character was innocent or criminal

another problem, if player that was in criminal status reconnect, he became colored in the Attackable color (criminal status report 0) for the victim of the attack that make he criminal before log out, and if the "victim" kill him, don't appear in reportables

ther's someone that can tell me how can i set the PROPNAME_TEMP_GREY (to use in reconnect script) before character reconnect?
there is a way to intercept the ostile action that turn player gray?

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