This Bug Must Be Fixed!

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This Bug Must Be Fixed!

Post by flamewing »

I use the distrofull scripts....This Bug is found by my friends.

It will make the character str. int. dex. all over caps.
Step 1.
Use bless spell to buff character
Step 2.
Logoff and wait for the character disappeared from the game.(make sure the character logoff)it means others cannot see that character.
Step 3.
Logon and you'll see your str. int. dex. all advanced the same as the bless buff,and it will nerver go down.

and do this 3 steps many many times...

and i used .info to check this
i found that it advanced only modifystats,not real
but the buff only reduce the buff advanced value not all of them.

for example
my char's str 50 dex 50 int 50
i bless my char's stats goes str 150 dex 150 int 150
and then i do the 3 steps like i said..
just 3 times ,and my char's stats become str 450 dex 450 int 450
when the bless goes out
my stats just all 350

how can i fix this?
sorry for my bad english..