Problems in PerformAction() with client>

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Problems in PerformAction() with client>

Post by Xeno » Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:39 am

Hi all! I've upgradated my POL to the last revision and actually I'm using client version I read the core changes and noticed the update of animXlate.cfg. Well, new char animations seems to be ok but not all. When I try to perform actions like 0x10/0x11 ( cast spells directions ) while on mount the anim isn't translated and character is completely stuck ( no visible anim ). New translated anims is ok while dismounted.

So, I tried to analyze the packets sent for:

Code: Select all

# Cast spell 1
OldAnim16 16
NewAnim16 11 0
Action and sub are 11/0 but when I log the packets received, action and sub are 7/2 O_o

About other animations I noticed that some new melee attacks while mounting a custom mount makes this anim error effect:

Has anyone noticed something like that?

Thanks in advance.
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