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Two missing files from lockpicking

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:56 am
by Yukiko
My SVN Distro folder kept showing me a red exclamation point and upon examination I found out why. For some reason these two files didn't make it into the .patch file I submitted.

This one, createchest.src, belongs in \pkg\skills\lockpicking\commands\gm

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 * $Id: createchest.src $

use uo;

program textcmd_Create(who, text)

	if ( !text )
		SendSysMessage(who, "Usage: .createchest <difficulty>");
		return 0;
    var diff := CInt(text);
    if( !diff)
   		SendSysMessage(who, "The difficulty defaults to 1.");
		diff := 1;

    SendSysMessage(who, "Where would you like it placed?");
	var targ := TargetCoordinates(who);
    var chest := 0x69f8;
    var created := CreateItemAtLocation(targ.x, targ.y, targ.z, chest, 1, who.realm);
	SetObjProperty(chest, "lockpicking", diff );
	SetObjProperty(chest,"spawnchest", 1);
	created.locked :=1;
    if ( !created )
        SendSysMessage(who, "Error: Could not create the chest.");
        return 0;
    elseif ( !targ )
        SendSysMessage(who, "Cancelled");
        return 0;
	return 1;
And the other is just the icp.cfg file which belongs in the \lockpicking\config directory:

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ICP Register
	Name		Lockpicking
	Version		2.0
	Description	The POL 095 Distro Lockpicking skill converted to POL 098
	Description	Conversion done by Yukiko - Hope Lives Shard Project.

	Creator		POL Distro Team
	Maintainer	POL Distro Team

	#Script	cmdlevel path

	#TextCmd	cmdlevel	path
Tortoise didn't show me the file "createchest.src" when I added these to the SVN Distro folder and tried to create another patch file to add these two.

Re: Two missing files from lockpicking

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:15 am
by Tomi
Added to 098 distro.