SendOpenBookUC PH

Here you can discuss packets, implementation and design, and software related to the packet sniffing and such. This is not the place to post packages for POL, but rather discuss the packet side of them.

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SendOpenBookUC PH

Post by Zik » Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:36 pm

A few years ago, Tomi suggested here remaking current SendOpenBook to use new pakets 0xD4 & 0x66.
Does anyone tried to make it?
I'm not very good at PHs, but I do want to try. So if I understood right, i'd have to implement:
- 4 exp functions for 0xD4 & 0x66 to refresh and save (author,titile and contents of page) to database
- usescript that will send initial 0xD4 & 0x66 to the client with all book info
Any help or advice appreciated.
Or it will be much more complicated, and I better wait for core supported SendOpenBookUC() >_< ?

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