UOKR: MultiCollection.uop

Here you can discuss packets, implementation and design, and software related to the packet sniffing and such. This is not the place to post packages for POL, but rather discuss the packet side of them.

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UOKR: MultiCollection.uop

Post by Pierce » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:08 pm

I know this topic perhaps does not really belong to the packet world,
but i think it fits best here cause of its hex examinations.

Did anybody here does some research on this? Because that's the
most important file on UOKR, if you don't have the standard OSI/EA
multis. The KR client simple crash near a not known multi.
Our map i converted about a year ago, cause i thought that was the
biggest problem. I went wrong. Map works fine but our multis give
me headache since then. Not that i look at it every day, but perhaps
there is someone else to brainstorm that in my opinion last problem.

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