survey on what people think is the most "valuable"

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survey on what people think is the most "valuable"

Post by mijimoe » Tue Oct 17, 2006 6:21 pm

I was curious, as I presume there are a number of highly talented IT professionals making good use of the forums, what people feel is the best IT certification for the following general categories:

1. Salary improvement - short term (immediate to 6 mo.)

2. Salary improvement - long term (continues to provide value)

3. Prestige

4. Desire to have (on the part of employers)

5. Provides the best satisfaction to the new certification holder

The reason that I am inquiring about this is that, being in IT myself, I have seen some interesting changes taking place in the past few years regarding the salary (based in part on geographical location and experience), prestige and desire to have certain qualified individuals in the workplace. For example, I work for a company who makes it mandatory that all IT-related staff obtain a specific set of certifications or educational level within their first year of hire (which they pay 100% reimbursement for) and they have been promoting very specific certifications as of late for their employees to obtain. Any feedback that people have would be great (and any rants that can provide some interesting stories).

Thanks for anyone's input!


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