About posting questions or comments...

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About posting questions or comments...

Post by Yukiko » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:09 pm

When posting topics may I suggest placing relevant information in the subject line.
For example;

Wrong way:
Subject: Help!

Right way:
Subject: POL crashes after I cast a spell

In the body text of your post try to provide as much information as you can. If POL crashed on start-up then post a copy of the start log. Attach any crash dumps that POL might have generated. If you are having issues that might be operating system related please list the OS, processor type, memory configuration and if you have any unusual hardware that might be an issue. If it's a question about a specific script post as much of the script as you need to show the area that you need help with. Any console error messages that relate to the problem should be posted as well.

Learn how to use the BBCode buttons to format code segments in the post. It makes reading the thread much easier.

Last of all, if you are posting a comment or response to someone try to imagine they are sitting across from you at a restaurant over a cup of coffee. Many times we are tempted to post things we wouldn't say to the person if they were face to face with us because we are fairly anonymous. Take the time to read what you have posted and ask yourself if you'd like someone to say that to you. If not then consider rewriting it.

One of my favourite quotes from Star Trek: The Next Generation is "Civility, madame, always civility."
Cyrus Redblock - ST:TNG-"The Big Goodbye"-First Season

Anyway, that's my "rant" for this week.

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