Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

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Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

Post by Grimoric » Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:01 pm

This is not the original patch but it has been recreated but using real log
information and compare the patch size.

It has turned out correct size, so I would say that it is the correct data.

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Re: Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

Post by ThisIsMe » Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:06 am

Not sure if this is at all useful to you but I have a good many if not all of the patch files up to

Patch Files

Maybe more useful stuff?

I have a good many of the older clients too if you are interested stored in my google drive:
Clients up to 6.x something...

It should be noted I did not put these files together, they were part of some collection I found somewhere on the internet, the location of which I can not remember as I travel the internet a lot looking for Ultima stuff on various different sources whether it be the official sites, uoguide (these definitely are not from either of those) to the old RunUO forums, to ServUO to PlayUO to other emus out there.

So in short, I am not responsible for any mishaps and other badness that might occur from using them, I just made a backup of them in my GDrive for future reference and figured you might or others might find a use for them.

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Re: Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

Post by Grimoric » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:12 am

Thank you for the post.

The first link is a copy of my patch collection (see readme.txt in the directory). The issue with your backup is that all filenames have been changed. The client types have been removed. I would download it again and don't change the names. https://mirror.ashkantra.de/patches/

The issue for this is that as an example is a UOML patch and will crash on GOLD client sins it will try to update none existing files like MAP2.MUL which was never included until for gold clients. They streamlined all clients to the same installation and turned them all to UOSA with the upgrade.


The second link is interesting it is a collection of parts to patched clients, but the issue is that larger files like MAP0.MUL has been removed. The Second Age.zip have signs of gold_win32_4-0-2b been applied so it has been patched to AoS.

The last link is always interesting. it contains clients.exe (which is good to have to be able to compare with full clients to see if they are true or fake patched) from some clients but all other files are missing.

I have all full clients in gold series until But client patches RTP/PAT installations for UOTD, LBR3D, UOKR, UOSE and 555 ( beta ) is missing.
I just have installation media for them. I have bought and made the follow ISOS, some is still missing.

== BETA ==
UObeta_123.iso - Ultima.Online
UO_GOLD_109A.iso - The.Second.Age
uotd_a35.iso - Third.Dawn

Ultima.Online[US.Edition]-Grimoric (Same as Ultima Online Charter Edition)

PCGAMER_UOR.iso | PC Gamer - December 2000, CD Disc 6.2 Number 2, Ultima Online: Renaissance
UOR_DEU.iso | Play the Games Vol. 3 for Windows
PCG_7.33.iso | UO AOS client release version - February 2003

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Re: Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

Post by RusseL » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:16 pm

guys, what is gold client?

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Re: Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

Post by Grimoric » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:18 pm

All expansion does have own patches. If you did pay and installed UOT2A you would not get access to Ilshenar then it was released, you needed to buy UO3D or UOR expansion and reinstall the game to be able to access it. But with this technique, you could tame a mare in a UO3D client and then log back into the 2D client and get auto-ported out of the Ilshenar if you were using UO3D.

This made it so you had version in UOT2A, UOML, and UOTD. You have a file called "verinfo" in your directory. This holds information on what type of patch you need from the server and is also shown as patch version (Patch XXX) in your client. The client number is hardcoded into client.exe. All EXE files are the same between the versions and if you drop the new mp3 music from an ML client into a T2A at the same number it will work out of the box. But the problem is when you try to upgrade a client by patching with the wrong update. It will not find maps to update and crash.

The patches for UOT2A is named GOLD and should not be confused with the UO:GOLD which was a BUDGET release of UO (I think Walmart was involved in that one).

But the signatures we know of today is:

Win32_client_555 : Ultima Online + Beta
Win32_UO_Gold : The Second Age
Win32_UOTD : Third Dawn
Win32_LBR2D : Lord Blackthorn's Revenge 2D
Win32_LBR3D : Lord Blackthorn's Revenge 3D
Win32_AOS2D : Age of Shadows 2D
Win32_AOS3D : Age of Shadows 3D
Win32_SE : Samurai Empire
Win32_UOML: Mondain's Legacy
UOKR_Win32: Kingdom Reborn
Win32_UOSA : Stygian Abyss

Win32_UO_Shared: Shared client files (added in LBR)


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Re: Missing RTP/PAT files for gold client.

Post by Ermac » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:18 pm

Hi Grim!
I found your video on YouTube, could you resume the work of your site pls?
I mean http://uot2a.com/download/
I need all the files that are there.
Or maybe there is another source? I've been looking for you for a very long time :))))

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