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Post by beathanael » Sun May 07, 2017 10:29 pm

Hiring=$$; hiring="-$$"
i wrote this to one individual:


is there a way you and i can talk?

i need some things demystified.
Damn if i had a coder like you on my team. you would end up in the spotlight of the dream team, though chances are with your experience your already on one.

i guess what i really need is some kind of voicechat to communicate LIVE through to someone who "OBVIOUSLY" knows wtf they are talking about.

i want to be an owner, but i don't want to be a lazy p.o.s. owner, and i cannot allow myself to be the only one who reaps the benefits.
my personal skills lie in other area's which i would be willing to discuss."

I am going to put everything out here. The good, the bad, and the Ugly. and not all things ugly are "bad" just ugly...

I am a Conductor of a symphony of 1's and 0's.
a former radar tech of the u.s. navy for the AEGIS - AN/SPY2 system.
i am not new to "how things work" but i like many, am always new to a new proctor (instructor.)

i do not believe in reaping everything that You sew.
i believe in giving credit where credit is due. this is how "the wheel turns."

but, i know what i want for a shard to succeed, and super-cede others. THAT is not impossible.

domination of a game between between the have and have-not's.
i know what works, and i know what doesn't.
lets not talk about the games we have played, i assume if you are here, it is many, period.

as long as one thing is met, the rest can happen.
Server Gets Paid First; a smoker has to support his habit.
Funds will be divided by %'s; all will be paid AFTER server costs. which at first will be very minimal - possibly to a point of not worth worrying over. i will cover these myself until it can pay for itself.

i don't care if i have to go downtown and start handing out fliers.
"Enter this code - Get free Crap"

all will be paid equally (minus server cost), but all will not have equal priorities.
an example of a hierarchy devised for said server team would be as such.

Department Heads; - for example i need a lead programmer/coder.
^- This is the guy who is going to allow everyone else to do their jobs. w/o him we're fucked.

Team Leaders. different teams do different things, you may not even be apart of a team as such.

World Builder - Team Lead;
how the world is built, Matters! A LOT!

Game Balancing - Team Lead;
some things are O.P. and we can't have this. i for one am vehemently against "Tamer's Online" if a game turns into this i will delete the tame skill until further "unfucking" (yes, this is a military term and a real word.) (to unfuck means to fix - in the military.) Tamer's used as an example and not far from the truth.

Seer - in my world they perform a different role.
they go out seemingly as players - to gather intel. what players want/dont want.
Their job is institutional at best.
They cannot run around with admin roles and change things, this is beside the role.
They can tell people they are a Seer.

GM - these are seriously bored people who want to blow things up while interacting with other players and are NOT their to troll people or reply to such negative behavior. when said person stops acting like an uncouth foul-mouthed child, said GM can go back to reply. your job for trolls is 100% IGNORANCE.
like attracts like, and you job will be to Pay Ignorance Accordingly. Warn them, reason with them, and if necessary Shut Them Down. you are the soldiers, the frontline. you keep the assholes out of the shard!
you could call yourself the Asshole Remove, The Terminator for all i care. So long as you "play with people." host events etc. this is where your real time will be spent anyhow. but Warder of Assholes is in the job description.

Storyteller - your job is similiar to GM's except you are role-playing.
you may even be granted special permission for world building so as to facilitate your Story.

Once Lead Coder is found,
the world will be built, the 2 hands in this world will be myself and the lead coder.
no one else at this point will even exist. For this server, the part God said "let there be light."
A Dreamer and a Coder will come together to create a sinfully delightful melody.


so what makes us so special?
I am not Sheeple, nor do i wish to employ Sheep-people.
I do not wish to be selfish, or to employ the selfish... to a point.

there is a rightful form of selfishness. you do work, you get paid for it. Credit is, as where Credit is Due.

as things are. i can, but at much much much slower rate, do the jobs of everyone listed - that is a leader.
BUT i cannot do all the jobs at once, or if anything at a much slower rate. many tasks are being handled.

and ofcourse delegating duties is part of it.
part of the duties i am delegating is a role that doesn't exist in ALL other games... Game Balancer.
well some people just don't have my skills... or hire/recruit for them. so i will monopolize on this alone.
it's a tester of sorts, but testing has been done for ultima, i think it is poor and hodged-podged at best.

That Said ^^^^ (the above)
our game will be Very Unique... Very Unique indeed!

possibly even some voting polls on which class gets nurfed. why? WHY NOT! players could use some seasonal differences in their lives. something that is not stagnantly similar to other shards. but this is a thought, and merely "to be discussed" and not a certainty. however Testing is what GM's and Seer's will be doing while the world is built.

If you are interested in a Well-rounded pay-scale. a Well-rounded balanced world. with STAFF that is governed more like a round-table, than a selfish man's dream to "get rich" than this is the place for you.

we will either fail together or play together, only to enjoy the world that we built. though the server has not been chosen.
postscript stuffesses:
BTW: i don't fire people. that said! /trumpethorn.
when you are gone, you are gone. when you return, produce something. whatever your roll is, come and take part! the wine will flow for all, but not all will drink the wine.

When i hire.... I want your Phone Number. your address. i want to be able to call you up or mail you a letter.

I know i ask for a lot.
but i do not ask a lot of you. thats why it is all divided up.
IF a task is daunting, just talk to me, perhaps we can figure out a new hierarchy?
if the system is broke... i believe in fixing it. i do not believe in extending the lively-hood of failure.

besides, the worst that can happen is me paying for you to play, so... whats your loss?

every co-worker will have a NON-admin account as well as an Admin account.
special considerations will be taken for each individual for their efforts and requirements to make sure their needs are met.

*that said, i will bend over backwards to make shit work.

i only have 1 last thing to say.

Let's Do EET!!!!!

GaryWilburn82@gmail.com ; Subject="ULTIMAHIRING" one-word in the subject, no its not a real word, and please do not include the Quote symbols.

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Re: Hiring

Post by boberski » Mon May 08, 2017 1:14 am


Like I am reading Igor from Persona universe speech :P
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Re: Hiring

Post by Yukiko » Mon May 08, 2017 3:58 pm

I wonder first if English is this persons first language.

Second if he was in the American Navy and if he communicated in language like this how he could have worked on the AEGIS - AN/SPY2 system team. I don't mean to insult here but I've, well, been acquainted with individuals who had some pretty high security clearances and all of them could communicate in English very well. Some of them might have had strong accents when they spoke but their written communications were on par with someone college educated in the States. So, if I am mistaken in my assumptions, I apologise in advance.

Third, he mentions "getting paid" for coding. Unless he's got some of his own money he's putting up I don't know how he intends to fund this project. According to what I understand, back in the early days of Ultima Online, Origin Systems Incorporated came to an agreement with UO emulator authors that they, the UO emulators, could operate without legal entanglements as long as they allowed free access to play on said emulators. If players were charged to play then that would violate the agreement.

Again, I mean no insult here. I think however, if you want to impress and entice a good coder you should seek advice on writing a more proper, and comprehensible, want ad.

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