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TSSE Reborn

Post by runtest » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:53 pm


I was talking to Austin last night over the topic of his project TSSE Reborn. Going through his code base, which is mostly unfinished, I am basically starting from scratch on the 098 core. So if there is anyone out there with previous knowledge of TSSE it would be greatly appreciated. Austin does not want to be bothered with details of it at this moment and I can respect this.

Now, I know there was a custom map, but my goal is a bit different for this project. I am attempting to bring new players into UO with TSSE Reborn, project name 'Deadhorse'. I would however, bring back allot of the original feel of TSSE. So if anyone with previous knowledge would like to help. It would be much appreciated.

I will be posting a website this weekend. It is going to be a duplicate of my programming website, but that will now be a subsection of the TSSE main page. I also need a complete decoration of the T2A map. If anyone would like a hand in that, you are welcome to join. I am going to get the info for the SVN and start with updating that again. This will be 100% open source. That means any decoration, skill sets, special abilities, spell upgrade and generally new features will be open to the pol community.

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Re: TSSE Reborn

Post by Yukiko » Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:36 am

I've not been active in POL for a while runtest so my opinion, and comment(s), are probably worth exactly what you paid for them but as many who know me will tell you I usually offer my two cents whether it's wanted or not and whether it's intelligent or just gibberish. Anyway, that having been said...

Why use TSSE as a base? Why not use the 0.97 Distro as the base? It is effectively TSSE reborn since both codebases were written by the same author, Austin and the general format or "geography" of the scripts are similar between TSSE and the Distro. If there are some features that TSSE has and Distro is missing then just add them from TSSE. Plus by using the Distro as a base your efforts in scripting could be added to the Distro at least as far as basic functionality are concerned. I understand you'd probably have custom scripts that wouldn't be released.

I think you're beating a dead horse by choosing TSSE over Distro.
(Sorry but I just couldn't resist. *grins*)

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Post by *Edwards » Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:03 pm


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Re: TSSE Reborn

Post by runtest » Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:20 am

:deadhorse: Well I hate to say it, but yeah I agree. On the other hand POL has done a wonderful job of skipping core to core with VERY slow package development. While I would LOVE to submit to the distro, I do not want to rework my scripting style/format for the distro. I will simply create a fully decorated playable TSSE, though without the custom maps apparently. Probably better this way. If someone else wants it, it will be available. If someone wants to convert them to the distro. All the more power to them.

But in POLs defense, all emulator work has slowed to a crawl and POL is the most stable, "low cost" emulator available!

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Re: TSSE Reborn

Post by Havoc » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:46 pm

I played on TSSE for quite a while; if you have any questions I can try and answer them. Also, I got pretty intimate with the .95 release of the scripts, so - I'd be glad to help :)

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Re: TSSE Reborn

Post by Austin » Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:08 pm

Well... theres the original TSSE thats on the files forum for download.
There is also a version I worked on starting with the POL Distro.. and also has quite a few distro script fixes (once they were actually tested)
What those fixes/changes are.. I don't remember.

The SVN URL is:
https://tssereborn.svn.sourceforge.net/ ... tssereborn

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