how can server support more players online?

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how can server support more players online?

Post by nklnkl » Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:53 am

In the Multi-server structure, usually every one Server is responsible for the content of a part of the game, but players often on a different Server in a different game world and therefore can not interact, in order to make good use of the system to improve overall system performance computing and bandwidth resources, generally cutting the allocation of space within the competence of Server and the appropriate sub-Server is responsible for the work of art, so that different Server responsible for different inter-regional players, so they can support more players online.
How do I setup different polServer responsible for different inter-regional players as following picture, so they can support more players online?
thanks for any advance.
thanks already
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Re: how can server support more players online?

Post by Yukiko » Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:17 pm

As far as I know POL is not able to do what you are requesting. It is a single server model.

Is your player base at the point that you are running into server overload problems?

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Re: how can server support more players online?

Post by Tomi » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:37 am

why are you sending this same message on every different UO emulator forums out there ? most of the emulators are open source, so its just for you to code something like this.

I have not seen any shard so far that has had more players than the emulator can support. And its not a very good option for a free shard to have more than 1 server, because no income as on OSI and its not free to have servers in some server hotels and so on.

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Re: how can server support more players online?

Post by Damien White » Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:24 pm

If I might add my 2 cents.

This devided server thing, is how OSI (the originators of UO) originaly set UO. It was designed to prevent server loads. And for the most part it did it's job. But I remember when Eric was considering POL, and how this was really not an effective way to run a UO server, because, if you have ever played on a payed server where this type of server setup does exist, there are boundries. And these boundries really suck to cross over. At times there was data loss, or a period of lag going from on server to another. I remember the nightmares that came from not accurately seeing what was on the other servers boundies, where PKs were ready to ambush you and taking advantage of the lagged players, or monsters that were attacking you before you caught up with the data flow.

In the oppinion of someone who was at one time (back in the stone age) a beta tester of both OSI:UO and POL, they way things run now is best. And deviding a server into pieces, is really just a matter of can-be-done, not a matter of efficiencey.

Again, just my 2 cents worth.

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Re: how can server support more players online?

Post by runtest » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:51 am


I know this post is old. I want to post this for future viewers due to this coming up often. People jump the gun on things and take up the 'serious' people's time.

He is asking for architecture allot like the one that WoW or Second Life. This not only shows a complete lack of knowledge of game but let alone the code work behind the emulation. My friend, to even attempt that would to mean either splitting the map or splitting the facets on to different servers. Why do you think EA has several different servers? Before you post, please do some research and have something presentable for us to help you with.

Sorry if I sound crude but that is quite a task as I am sure you can understand. As mentioned above. I have seen 600+ players on a shard at one time - that number rivals EA by the way - so I would not worry about it until you have over 600+ players. If you pull this off then I am sure it would not hurt to even have a second server and worry about character transfers. If you had two servers you would be looking at 1200+ players. You could even make one server harder than the others "for vets".

Since this is your first post welcome. But in the future, study the game and the emulator you want to work with. This is not a game creation sight so to speak. So if you are looking for an MMO engine, you are kinda in the wrong place. But I am always welcoming to a new player for Ultima Online. If I am wrong about your experience so far please forgive me. Since this is your first and only post and it does not even mention UO I can only assume this is a generic, please program my game post. Best regards.

-- On an off note. I am back, after way to long away from Ultima Online. Woot. I am paying for a site this weekend to get my Pol tutorial page back online. I took it down for a while because I thought no one was using it. Then I stopped updating it and the torrent of emails came. Hello everyone.

– Sir Britton.

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