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POL097.3 fast crash

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:51 pm
by guniu
I just moved from POL097-2008-09-01 to POL097.3-2009-02-16, recompiled all and started up pol. After 22 minutes it crashed. I was the only one online, and doing nothing in-game (client.exe wasn't even on-top) when the crash occurred.


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[02/22 02:01:34] Unhandled Exception! Writing Minidump file. 
This file with explanation and last lines from log files should be given to the development team.
Saved dump file to 'POL097.3-2009-02-16 Coregina-20090222013857-0.dmp'
Last Script: pkg/packets/p_party/h_party.ecl PC: 8
The h_party.ecl PC 8 is 'progend'.

I run it again and for now is up longer, but that was weird. Luckily, I had set 'MiniDumpType=variable' in pol.cfg.