backpack, newbie and easyuo

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backpack, newbie and easyuo

Post by coltain » Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:18 pm

simple EUO script to make blessed backpacks

set %plecak #BACKPACKID
set %dokad XQNVXQE ; <---- Id
finditem %plecak C_ , #charid
Exevent Drag #findid
wait 20
Exevent Dropc %dokad

It`s not POL bug but I just notify about this...

This script removes old backpack and insert a new one (made by tailor)
Old backpack is blessed. New is blessed also.

I added to chardeath script a log when player dies and a newbie backpack is in gohost.backpack. Then it removes newbie thing and moves to corpse.

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Post by CWO » Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:14 am

possible packethook fix:


Code: Select all

Packet 0x07
	Length 7
	ReceiveFunction drag:dragging

Code: Select all

use uo;
use os;
use polsys;

program drag()
	return 1;

exported function dragging(who, byref packet)
	var item := SystemFindObjectBySerial(packet.GetInt32(1));
	if (item && item.serial == who.backpack.serial)
		var reject := CreatePacket(0x27, 2);
		reject.SetInt8(1, 0x00);
		return 1;
	return 0;
I know theres a little extra code there but its there to make sure the check behaves properly...

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	var item := SystemFindObjectBySerial(packet.GetInt32(1));
	if (item && item.serial == who.backpack.serial)
could just be narrowed down to

Code: Select all

	if (packet.GetInt32(1) == who.backpack.serial)


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