Help, Can not connect to my own server!

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Help, Can not connect to my own server!

Post by Genocide » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:22 pm

Like the title says, i get past verifying account, but every time i hit the "world" to log in my client freezes. Then i am hit with the error "the client could not attach to the game server."

I am using Razor to enter my server. using my 192.XXX.X.XX ip and port 2593

When i try to us the normal client of my server it get an error saying "file 'uo.crg' was opened before, but cannot be opened again. Check for illegal access mode."

Heres some background info... Its a custom POL97 server (UnrealUO if anyone remembers) I am trying to get it back up and running after 4-5yrs of it being offline.

All help is appreciated, im going crazy here


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