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Note: Core 097 is no longer officially supported.

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POL 097.4 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD Final - Coregina

Post by Shinigami » Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:48 pm

Hello everybody,

Here you can find a little fixing Release:

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-- POL097.4 --
03-19-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Crash in reporting of leftover objects during Shutdown.
02-28-2009 VeNdOr:
    Fixed:   Crash involving Auxconnection.ip.
    Fixed:   NPC events ENTEREDAREA and LEFTAREA were both fired even when one of them was eanbled.

02-28-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   NPC.ar bug where ar was not reading intrinsic ar correctly when using ar_mod for
             the NPC.

02-25-2009 Nando:
    Fixed:   Removed a stray '\n' that was being sent at the end of a binary transfer in browser, causing
             some images to be corrupted. (This will finally solve the problem with some 'blank' images)

02-22-2009 Nando:
    Fixed:   Internal webserver will now handle binary files correctly. This was causing sporadic fails
             when loading a webpage which had images, stylesheets or any other of those fancy things...
Win download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... indows/097
Linux download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... /Linux/097
FreeBSD download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... reeBSD/097

feel free to use it...

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