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The POL Configurator beta

Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2022 12:48 pm
by Yukiko
A new beta version of the POL Configurator is here. I have refactored some of the code and made some interface changes. I am asking for some testers. I have tested the new features but I need independent testing to be certain I haven't introduced any issues.

This is version Here are the interface changes that will, hopefully, make the program easier to use:
On the Facet Generation tab:
I added a button in the Copy UO Files group that will clear the MUL directory. That is where the UO client files are are copied before you build the required *.cfg files and facets. While I was switching between the “Mondain’s Legacy” map and the current, “Time of Legends”, map, I became tired of switching to the MUL folder and deleting all files. So I added this button. Hopefully others will find it useful when exploring custom maps.

The Select Your Expansion drop-down list now contains all expansions up to and including “Time of Legends”. This drop-down functionality now handles all necessary settings based on your expansion.

On the Server Settings tab:
I removed the Choose your UO Expansion drop-down. This functionality is now handled by the selection on the Facet Generation tab.

I also removed the Unknown and Disabled (which was actually disabled and could not be selected) check-boxes from the UO Feature Enable group.

Those are the user interface changes. There are some other changes I need to explain.
If you work with different servers, as I do, and have saved profiles for various servers, after loading a profile it used to require clicking the Load My Settings button to load the settings for that profile in the Configurator. Now, when you load a profile, those settings are automatically loaded for that profile.

The Configurator maintains copies of various versions of uoconvert.cfg, based on the UO expansion, in its Default Files directory. When you use the Configurator to “Build the selected cfg files” button, it copies the uoconvert.cfg file based on your expansion from the Default Files directory to your POL folder. This has been true since I first released the Configurator. There was a small annoyance however. It did not remember the expansion setting. If you ever needed to rebuild the facets (realms) you had to reset it using the drop-down list. Now the Configuator remembers the expansion setting. It does this by writing a small plain-text file to your POL directory, POLConfigurator.dat. Here is an example of what is written to this file and their explanation:

Code: Select all

MUL/                                        Location of copied UO client files
realm/                                      Location for the POL generated realm data
data/                                       Location of the World Data, eg. items.txt etc.
/                                           Location of the pid directory
D:\Games\Ultima_Online_Classic_7_0_91_15    Location of the original UO client files
8                                           Index into the UO expansion drop-down
As this is a beta release, I have not yet built any error detection into reading this file. So. please do not edit this file directly.
This file is written when you save your settings. So when you run the Configurator and set your expansion in the Facet Generation tab, click the Save Settings button.

Please test it and post any issues in this thread.


Re: The POL Configurator beta

Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2022 4:17 pm
by Yukiko
Please note: I fixed an issue I discovered shortly after uploading the beta release. If you experience any unusual output (error messages) after clicking the "Build the selected facets" button, re-download the ZIP file and replace your earlier files with the new download.

Re: The POL Configurator beta

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2022 12:03 pm
by Noxwave
Hi, sorry my English.

I've a problem selecting the POL directory.
I select the proper POL100 directory and it notifies me that there are some missing files.... that's ok.

I click YES to "install the default files for those checked above" and it says:
"You must choose a package directory for the uoclient.cfg file.
It must contain a pkg.cfg file"

I checked every folder/subfolder but i can't find the directory..... where is it?


Re: The POL Configurator beta

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2022 11:45 am
by Yukiko
I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.

if you are using the Distro or the Classic Distro, the location of uoclient.cfg is in /pkg/systems/accounts/config. It might be in that location on other script sets also. Some script sets place it in the main POL config directory.

The Configurator currently looks for uoclient.cfg in the /pkg/systems/accounts/config directory. If I have time I will try to change it to search for the uoclient.cfg file if it is not in the expected location.