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Announcing the POL Backupper!

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:39 pm
by Yukiko
I have just finished the POL Backupper. It allows a user to set a regular back-up time, the directory you wish to back-up, the file name for the back-up, the destination directory for the ZIP file created by the programme, and which days to perform the back-up.

It is fairly straightforward in its use. Set the time using the clock component. Times are in 24-hour format. Choose the days you wish to have the back-up performed, or check the Select All Days check box. Set the directories as mentioned above, and click the Start Backup button. Should you need to interrupt the scheduler, click the Stop Backup button. I have even provided the ability to start the POL server from within the POL Backupper.

I should note that the POL Backupper will archive all subdirectories under the location you wish to backup. So you may choose to back-up your entire server or just the /data directory.

Here is a screenshot of the interface:

This program is Open Source. It is licensed under the GPL version 3 FOSS license.

Here is the link to the GitHub repository.

As it is written using the Lazarus IDE and Designer using the Free Pascal programming language I have included the Windows binary in the repo. There is no need to install Lazarus if you just want to use the programme.

Re: Announcing the POL Backupper!

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:09 am
by Yukiko
A major minor update to the POL Backupper.

From the commit notes:

Code: Select all

Updated version to
Added a "Help." form (howto.frm) with instructions explaining how to use the POL Backupper.
Added ActionList and enabled F1 key to activate the Help form.
Added support for Aux Services communication with the POL server.
Added support files for POL to the repository.
Added a notification form for reporting issues. No more ShowMessage() boxes.
Added code to setup the notification form for various issues.
Replaced "Configurator" with "POL Backupper" text in one of the notifies.
Fixed an issue where the Use Aux Services Control check box was left checked after unable to connect notify.
          This would cause an exception if the Backupper was closed without and restarted as I save the status
          of the check box in the INI file. The Backupper would try to establish a connection without the socket being created.