Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

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Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Post by blckfire »

Here is my UDL file for Notepad++ for all of you that use this tool, or want to use this tool but are too lazy to do this work yourselves :P


In Notepad++ you need to go to Language->User Defined Language->Import...
Then you search for the xml file and it will say that you successfully imported the language.
After that pick POLScript language from the dropdown menu at the top and you should be ready to go.

My syntax highlighting is based on the Obsidian theme in Notepad++. You should pick that theme up from the Settings->Style Configurator before you use this highlighting.

Good thing about Notepad++ is that it is totally free.

Hope you like it and let me know if you need any help setting it up.

Update: 09/04/2015:
- Just updated it to color all operators. The operators '<=' and '>=', and some others were not being correctly colored.

Updated 18/08/2016:
- Added the possibility to fold/unfold functions and keywords like: "if", "for", etc...

Code: Select all

Folded code:

[+]program blahblah
[+]function xx

Unfolded function xx with folded if statements:

[-]function xx
[+]if (something)
[-]if (somethingelse)
- Added the possibility to create Regions of code by using:

Code: Select all

 //Region name_of_region
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Re: Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Post by xeon »

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Post by Yoda »

Thank you for sharing!
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Re: Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Post by timginter »

Thanks for sharing!

Based on your template I made one for "Solarized" theme (dark) with highlighting loosely based on PowerShell, maybe someone will find it useful
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Re: Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Post by atreiu »

i use this notepad++ autocomplite many years and improve it from time to time but it's not perfect and maybe your is better, i'll try
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